Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oath Keeper Testimonial by Former Navy See Bee Who Took the Oath in 67

Another Oath Keeper - Checking in

For my fellow Oath Keepers, my family, friends and neighbors throughout America:

Now hear this: Every politician and bureaucrat in Washington DC and every state - listen up.

My ancestors first landed in America in the year 1650. We fought in every war since. We built farms, ranches and towns out of nothing. We tamed the wilderness and built America. We did this alongside our neighbors and fellow Americans. We did all this without government funding - and especially without government interference and harmful-to-us-all power-grabbing "regulations."

We have seen the freedoms used to create this great nation destroyed by unconstitutional laws, greed, and outright fraud of the government at every level.

I took the Oath of Enlistment to support and defend the Constitution in 1967 when I enlisted in the U.S. Navy.

I wound up serving with the See Bees, who taught me what it means to be a man. I learned about the value of my word, a hard work ethic, and being a Patriot. My family was much relieved.

Our American Republic will be restored as originally written in the Constitution, our Liberties will be restored and the government downsized to what was intended by our founding fathers.

If a physical and violent confrontation cannot be avoided then I am - and will continue to be - armed, trained, and available. I am ready and willing to defend the original Constitution and the Liberties it was written to preserve.

I, Brian C Wilson, pledge my life, my fortune and my sacred honor to this cause.


Marion Valentine said...

Thank you Sir

straightarrow said...

Mr. Wilson, your testimonial has touched me deeply. I just wish that most of our law enforcement and present military were aware that history did not begin with their births. Then maybe it wouldn't be such a close run thing as to who will do what is right and who won't.

I will have your back if at all possible should the flag go up.

Anonymous said...

Right on Brian! I'd be proud to stand with you in the "Final Protective Line" or any other situation that comes up. I took my oath in 1957 in the U.S.Army. There's not too much of me left, but I have no qualms about giving it up to take our country back. May God bless us all. Bob Frazer, Tennessee

KellySpirits said...

I will also defend and protect all Innocents & Human Rights on this Earth.

I am glad, Members of the OathKeepers, to see you exist!

When it comes down to Basic Survival, I will band with any one of you in Spirit, Honor, and Strength!

I'm solidly consistent in Back Guarding. I thought you'd like to know I'll be there.

Love & Light,