Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Testimony of Former military officer and peace officer

Gentlemen, I am a retired Military Veteran (26 years service), EST officer, former civilian peace officer and currently working as an armed security officer and director of security for an elite private school.

While I well know that there are political hacks everywhere, even in our military and police forces, I have always felt that the majority of our troops, both officer and enlisted, held our oath to the Constitution as a sacred obligation. I know that I do even after some 15 years of retirement.

It is good to see a site like yours.

I try to keep myself as fit as possible and I also continuously hone my firearm skills. I am a serious student of history and I can tell you that what is presently happening in our country is a classic communist conquest.

I am proud of you men and women.

I am also an oath keeper and have been so from my youth.

God bless you all.

Robert E.

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