Monday, June 22, 2009

Stella says: Sheriff Leroy Baca advocates that he and all his 18,000 officers and staff uphold their OATH


Oath Keepers encourages grassroots activism to spread the Oath Keepers message. Below is an example of just such activism. Stella Oakman, on her own initiative, but with our full encouragement, formed up a California Meetup group called Oath Keepers SoCal and has been spreading the Oath Keepers message like wildfire in her area. Below, Stella shares her own testimonial on her oath, and also tells us about some very good news! Stella is a model for what an Oath Keeper activist should be like. - Stewart Rhodes


When I first saw the Oath Keepers website just a day or two before Lexington Green, I knew I had finally found the group I was waiting for. Until people know what it means to put their lives on the line for what they believe in, they are unreliable in times of crisis. As a former Army Officer, Social Studies teacher, mom and business person who has lived overseas a number of times, I know the difference our Constitution makes. Without it, there is very little freedom.

When I formed Oath Keepers SoCal on April 19, 2009, I was amazed to see so many civilians sign up to take the Oath with me. Even after reading to them Samuel Adams' warning:

"If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude more than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget you were our countrymen."

All of the newcomers stayed to take the Oath pledging their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to one another. Some have said that they feel very strengthened by taking the Oath for the first time.

It is good to stand for something and there is nothing better to stand for than liberty.

-Stella Oakman

Brought to you by, Sheriff Watch

Yesterday representatives of the Oath Keepers SoCal attended a meeting with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office. As the Sheriff himself was traveling overseas for a few more weeks, they met with the Commander Tim Laing.

Their goal was to obtain their support of the Oath of Office every law enforcement officer takes in our country--"to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic." The Sheriff had reviewed the national Oath Keepers website as well as the local chapters and believed he could support their mission. While final official approval must come again directly from the Sheriff, it would seem there is no reason to believe the meeting changed his support.

Commander Laing was surprised to hear that the group's organizer was being told by several of the 30 Sheriff's posts that Oath Keepers would be considered political and they couldn't freely join. Thus the need to approach the Sheriff himself. The County Sheriff IS political--he/she is voted into office by WE THE PEOPLE of the county. The Sheriff KNOWS who he works for. Generally a County Sheriff frequently SEES the people in his county in his daily work and personal life. The Sheriff IS ACCOUNTABLE TO US because of this close contact.

But you can imagine the joy these Oath Keepers felt when they learned Sheriff Leroy Baca would advocate that he and all his 18,000 officers and staff uphold their own OATH! The Oath Keepers SoCal are proud to stand "Shoulder to Shoulder" with their Sheriff's department. Sheriff Baca runs the largest Sheriff's department in the entire world--dwarfing most in other states. This is a big victory for liberty and in support of our Constitution.

The County Sheriff has the authority to stand up to the State and Federal Governments and determine who can do anything inside his county. So don't wait another minute to reach out to your Sheriff and determine his/her committment to their Oath of Office and their accountability to the welfare of their citizens. You just might be joyfully surprised!!

Be sure to purchase a copy of Sheriff Mack's book to hand to your Sheriff. Sheriff Mack is retired now, but speaks around the country to communities about the role of the County Sheriff. Sheriff Mack is the ONLY person to have sued Bill Clinton (as President) for a non-sexual matter AND he WON!! As the Sheriff, he asserted his full authority over the Federal government. THIS IS OUR SECURITY AGAINST A TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT.

Hug a Sheriff TODAY!!


Anonymous said...

God Bless Sheriff Baca May he shine as a example to all LEO to stand for the people not for tyranny. Thank you oath keepers when The time comes we will all stand by together against evil. Remember these words WE ARE NOT TERRORISTS For Loving Our Country, For Loving our Freedom, For Loving God. We are Americans and our hearts will not be tainted by lies we know whats going on. Across the country the fires of liberty are spreading and the powers to be are very afraid of losing control. Remember what this country was founded on Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. We will stand tall and protect our fellow man from those who seek to enslave us to their evil deeds. May God Have mercy upon their souls because we will not...

Anonymous said...

I will not be one to applaud Sheriff Baca.

I will applaud Stella for her activism. Keep spreading the word!

I have several friends and relatives in LA County. Veterans with stellar records, yet Sheriff Baca will not issue the CCW permits.

Big name movie stars get them no problem, but a combat Vet who is disabled from his wounds cannot?

Fear the politician who fears your guns!

Anonymous said...

The sheriff's should know there power and there oath to we the people.
Homeland Nazi Group was created to strip our sheriff's and police from there oath..

I am a Live Rothchilds's MK Ultra victim who was wrestled away by law,,Our top law,not the fibbers.
They deprogrammed me and now I'm under protective custody..
The horrors they have done with technology is unreal and criminal.

Many people and some companies will be able to sue for wrongs.

There will be a class action lawsuit filed by the entire Nation with many charges,including crimes against humanity...

Even though I am better off,protective custody sucks,,
It makes you feel like a prisoner,,
I have no choice,,but I will accept this for the Nation..


"Fight for America/Freedom,it's worth it...
Men said this for a reason,"Give me FREEDOM or give me death"..

Taylor H said...

I have been following this group for a while now and I am very interested to see that civilians are also taking the oath normally reserved for our servicemen and law enforcement. Perhaps I will have the same wonderful opportunity someday.