Monday, June 22, 2009

Michael Maresco; Liberty Rider and Oath Keeper; teaching freedom and honesty across the country

Liberty Rider, Michael Maresco, is crossing the country by bike and handing out Oath Keeper dvd's along with Sheriff Mack's book and other materials to folks across the country.

Read up on his adventure.

He stood with us at Lexington Green on April 19 and swore an Oath the defend the constitution. He also hung out with the Oath Keepers crew that whole weekend, and we can vouch for him as a stand up guy and one heck of a patriot.

He needs just a little more funding to finish off his freedom ride. It would be awesome if he was topped off by Oath Keepers! So, please click on the "chip in" link at the bottom of this post and donate what you can to Michael's effort.


Anonymous said...

A good cause! Done!!

JD said...

Indeed! Set those sheriffs straight! Go Oath Keepers!

Ed Doyel said...

Long live the Oath Keepers. May they be successful with God's help.

Anonymous said...
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