Monday, June 22, 2009

"I proudly voted for Obama . . . I will be proud to call myself an Oath Keeper."

I proudly voted for Obama in the previous election, and I will be heading to OCS in Quantico, VA to take the oath and become a United States Marine in the near future.

I will be proud to call myself an Oath Keeper.

There goes all the 'anonymous' idiots' racists anti-Obama claims.

Go back to your world of warcraft and final fantasy, this is big boy stuff.

[Note from Oath Keepers, we are absolutely a non-parson group as the video below explains]


Anonymous said...

What are you proud of? The fact you voted is noble, but casting a vote for B.O. was not the most intelligent choice. He is leading the way to our decline and taking our freedoms along the way. I believe in the Constitution as written by our Founding Fathers.

Anonymous said...

Obama voter, I noticed that you did not disclose your identity either. Does that anonymous pair up with the "idiots" you referred too?

ZenDraken said...

If you are going to take the Oath, It is advisable to really learn about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, preferably beforehand, but by all means learn about it!

O.K. said...


He said:

"There goes all the 'anonymous' idiots' racists anti-Obama claims."

What he is referring to are the idiots who claim that just because we dare speak out during Obama's presidency, we MUST be a bunch of racists and simply anti-Obama. He is saying that those people are idiots, since that is not what we are about. We are about the Constitution.

I too hope this young future Marine will study the Constitution and learn more about what he is about to take an oath to defend. I didn't vote for Obama either, for some damn good reasons, but I still welcome this young man's testimonial and commitment to the Constitution. Hopefully he will come to see how Obama is as big an oath breaker as was Bush.

Stewart Rhodes

CaptGooch said...

Just a gentle reminder ....

Oath Keepers is Not political in nature or mission.

Our mission, in case you misplaced it, is to Reach, Teach and Inspire any and all of those who have sworn to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic to actually understand and Keep that Oath they swore.

It makes not a whit of difference who is in the Oval Office or any other office for that matter.
If they took an Oath to Serve and that Oath included the passage above then they are oath takers.
If they are oath takers our aim is to get them to become Oath Keepers.

Oath Keepers the Organization is Not Political in that we do not use any label BUT Oath Keeper.

We are not Liberals, [although some Oath Keepers May Be Liberals]

We are not Conservatives [although some Oath Keepers May Be Conservatives]

And We are not Demopublicans or Republicrats. [although .... but by now you have gotten the general idea I'd wager.]

Oath Keepers has No political agenda beyond preserving our Constitution and its Constitutional Republic.

Read carefully statements made here folks.
The Oath Keeper you despise now for his political views might be the Oath Keeper that saves your bacon down the road.

Keeping the Oath is what's important here. Nothing else.

For the Republic

Greywolfe said...

Amen CaptGooch. The fear is that this young man doesn't understand that for which is about to take an oath to defend.

One must educate himself before he sets himself on a course for which he may not be able correctly navigate. My belief is that there will come a day when our government will stand in violent opposition to the will of it's citizenry. If that happens, and he doesn't understand the Constitution, how will he know how to interpret his Oath? Many a soldier, Marine, Sailor, and Airman will side with the Government because of ignorance in equating the government with the Constitution. Many of us fear this youth's ignorance will lead him to make further bad decisions.

Anonymous said...

Hey numb nuts the Marines don't want you! How do you take an oath to the Constitution while you "proudly" voted for a criminal usurper who is not a legitimate Commander in Chief, who is destroying America at an accelerated rate, who apologizes to the world for America, aids an abets our sworn enemies, bows to the Saudi King, denigrates our fallen heros by refusing to visit their graves at Normandy! The idiot is you and if you had bothered to ever read the Constitution you would realize your vote breached any oath you would take. I am a Vietnam Vet, experienced war for the Corp and your statement brings shame to the Marine motto Semper Fi! No wonder you remain anonymous, your either not who you say your are or your about to bring dishonor to the Corp!

bloodyspartan said...

This creature is proud he voted for another creature who considers our Declaration of Independence "STAINED" and our constitution Flawed.

Np way to be proud of that.

O.K. said...

Hey guys, I understand your point and your anger, but let's teach the young man, not write him off. When we do outreach to military and police, we don't ask them who they voted for - we reach, teach, and inspire them all to keep their oath, even if we think they have made bad choices at election time.

There are plenty of Americans who vote for oath breakers (of both major parties) because they simply don't know any better. How does it help to write them off permanently and insult them? It doesn't. You can stand on your convictions while also doing the hard work of outreach to all.

This future Marine stands in sharp contrast to the Obama supporters who have come on this site and accused us of being racist simply because we oppose things that Obama is doing (as though we are supposed to shut up for four years). Others claim we are simply Republicans who are upset because we lost. Now, I would agree that such trolls are a waste of time to even talk to.

This guy is different. He is smart enough to see past that nonsense and to see that we really are serious when we say we don't care what party an oath breaker belongs to. So, at least give him credit for that. Based on that, I have hope that he will come to see the truth about Obama as time goes on, as he visits this blog more, and as he watches what happens under the Obama Admin.

I'm not going to hold his hand - I will just hope he comes back often and reads what we have to say as we expose the truth about what an oath breaker Obama is.

But let's maintain the high ground.

Stewart Rhodes

Anonymous said...

I'm proud to vote every time I am "allowed" to vote. By that I mean that if it weren't for so many men and women who wore the uniform and fought, shed blood or made the ultimate sacrifice to defend the Constitution and thus, my freedom, I wouldn't be allowed to vote and neither would any of you.

I am proud, not of myself for having voted, but rather, I am proud of my Founding Fathers and each and every generation of American patriots who have sacrificed to protect and defend the freedoms and liberties that have been our heritage.

I haven't always voted for the best candidate, though at the time, I believed I was voting for the best, and I have little doubt that many here have made the wrong choice on occasion.

Time always told me if my vote was the correct one and I suspect that this young, future Marine will learn the same.

Let's cut him some slack. I believe that his heart is in the right place and his intentions are honorable.

He is young. He will learn. And it is up to us to take him under our wings and help him. At the very least, we should be thanking him for being willing to serve.

God save the Republic of the United States of America and God save our Constitution!

Oath Keeper, Massachusetts

Darth Rob said...

Forgiveness people, alot of well intentioned folks voted for Obama, at least he is going to take the oath, and he is here where they have listed the orders they will not obey. This is the perfect place for him, where he can learn from other oath keepers. Thanks to all the oath keepers for your service and your commitment.

The Quiet Coup said...

I'm not bi-partisan because I don't belong to either majority party. It just seems strange to me how someone can vote for a person or political party that is clearly opposed to the constitution. Obama speaks of the constitution with a sense of respect only because if he did not people would not listen. His policies define his belief. He threatens the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th,
9th and 10th Amendments. I've also heard there is a movement to repeal the 22nd Amendment(Presidential term limits) He is basically making policy with no regard to the constitution and the house and senate will push it through. This is why Oath-keepers is so important. If those who enforce the law remain true to their oath then Obama can do nothing. Oh, I forgot. Thats why he wants to create a national police force. How much you want to bet they would not swear an oath to the constitution but to him?

MTPatriot1787 said...

To preach that you support the Constitution and willingly (hindsight enabled)justify Bush's clear violations of the Constitution (PATRIOT ACT) or provide support for Obama and his administration’s (Congress included) ongoing violations on an even greater scale, is pure idiocy. Who here cannot recognize that this administration is the biggest government seize of power EVER in the history of the United States since FDR? All this proves to me is that people neither know their history nor the Constitution. The real reason for this disinformation show is due to the MSM and the fact that you Republicats have no clue what is going on here. It shouldn't matter what party one claims to “belong to”. If the Constitution is being violated then they are both guilty…period. Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way because you are impeding liberty.