Sunday, April 19, 2009

Staying true regardless of consequences

In 1962 at the ripe old age of 17yrs, I convinced my mother that military service was more important than school and she relented and signed for me to enlist in the army. I still remember taking the oath in Cleveland, OH. It was the proudest moment of my life. My intention was to make a career of the Army.

After basic I was sent to the First Infantry Division at Fort Riley Kansas. Because of the racial tensions at that time we started training for riot control. I was shocked as was my fellow soldiers to what the government
(DOD) expected us to do to control the American people in a time of riots or rebellion.
We were told that we risked prison if we didn't follow "Orders". We agreed that some of those "Orders" would NOT be obeyed by any of us against our own people even if it meant prison.
We all felt that we enlisted to protect the American people. So I know what the government is capable of. I chose not to reenlist in 1965 but I have never forgotten what Washington expected of the military. I truly loved the Army and I am proud of my service to my country but I joined to be a Patriot not a Traitor. I am just about the same size now and keep myself in good condition and I do keep and bear arms and ammunition because I understood that someday I might have to fight the very ones who would have me harm Americans.

God Bless America and God Bless The Oath Keepers!


Anonymous said...

"DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR" need we say more patriots?

Randall said...

Leaderless resistance in my corner
Hi folks.
It's about 6 am where I'm at, and I'm still a bit buzzed and amazed at my sunday night findings in my neck of the woods.
I went out to a friends house that I'd went to school with.
I talked about what's going on and how we are being painted as "Right wing" nuts because we believe in Freedom, and how the cops are torturing by tazer and brutalizing anyone who doesn't comply.
I asked about getting a gun for myself, because I recently made the commitment. Meaning I
will not allow myself to ever be "taken" by ANYONE with a badge for any reason. I will not allow myself or any of my friends or family to be taken or arrested. We are being labeled as terrorists, because we oppose tyranny. So be it.
What I found out is that me and my friend are now two guys who will be part of the Resistance
in my hood, and we have a loose bunch of people who WILL act when necessary, and we have
enough arms to do it on a small scale.
We are of course not going to get crazy, but when the time comes, we will not submit peacefully. We'd rather die fighting, knowing we are opposing tyranny. Simple.
We know what's coming. None of us want trouble, all of us want peace, but they don't even know the half of it, cuz they arent on line.
But they still see what's up, and are ready for it.
When it does come down, it will not be us who starts it. They know as you know.
It will be guerrilla warfare just like the people in Iraq have to fight. That's just the way
any people fight a standing army of occupation.
Good to know I'm not alone locally, and that we share a common purpose.
Again, we don;'t want trouble, but will not allow ourselves to become burnt corpses ala Waco,
tortured by electricity or arrested because of our political beliefs, which simply concern fredom.
They don't know how many young (and old farts) there are who are aware of the situation, and have guns which we WILL use.
I talked about Oath Keepers, and how I predicted there will be a split in the Military
from the Joint Chiefs on down, and that's what's happening. It's civil war plain and simple.
You wanna live forever?
The cops are out of control on nearly every level, but I take comfort in knowing I have people I can count on right in my area, who know the score and are armed and ready to act, if
it becomes necessary.
Interesting times for sure.
Posted by Randall at 3:19 AM

Anonymous said...

I am grateful to you all for doing this and our Founders would be proud, but I have to say one thing that concerns me and that is this: To not follow orders would be reactive action. The trouble is that we need to be proactive in stopping the destruction of our Republic and it needs to be done NOW! We need leaders like the generals and people with the means to take real action. We can't tolerate what is going on now with this out-of-control government!

I am afraid of what they are doing to this nation and my kids will most likely grow up as slaves to the New World Order. We have to stop it and stop it NOW!

Plus, what are we to do about the military members that WILL follow the Un Constitutional orders?

Timeshare Jake said...

Posse Comitatus has been dead for years. Scary isn't it. I predict it's going to get worse.

Anonymous said...

Our military and police will be ordered to bear arms against our own countrymen. That is exactly where this path the current administration is on will lead.

Opus #6 said...

Thank you for your loyalty.
Opus #6, American mother to 6 children.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your patriotism and your humanity. Death before dishonor. YES

I may not have ever served in such a way as you but I have many times pledged Allegiance to my country. Death before treason. YES

When the enemy fires that first shot, you will find wives and mothers, grandfathers and children fighting beside you. COUNT ON IT.

DO YOU HEAR THAT, YOU ENEMIES OF GOD AND AMERICA? I'm sure you are in here reading. Fire that first shot, you bastards. If you think you will find easy prey, you are wrong. There are no sheep in my family or circle of friends. We don't raise victims where I come from. Even now we are hauling your carcasses out of the dark into the cold hard light so the world can see yo for the coyote that you are. Make your play. WE WILL COME FOR YOU! Do you hear me, you devils? WE will come for YOU!!!

Hulagu Khan said...

It would be a Honer to stand with you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, from mother, grandmother and great grandmother.
The one thing that bothers me is the Baptist Preacher that was beat up and tazered 3 times, windows in his car broken out and had to get 17 stitches in his head in Arizona last week by our border patrol, DHS and another law enforcement agent for no reason, what has America come to. So I know there is going to be some that does what ever they are told and they like the power. I just hope there is enough of you to make a difference.

Marion Valentine said...

This was sent to me by a friend. I know you will be interested.
Marion A. Valentine, Oath Keeper

This following poem is to ALL Patriots who have stood and those that continue to STAND.
Deepest Thanks to all of you! What you do does count. There is a Right and Wrong. You have decided to "turn" and do what is RIGHT!

Patriots' Turn

Out of a murky past the Usurper rose.
Unconstitutional Laws he would impose.
With minions and media they would devise.
The plot of continual spreading of lies.
And, with Congress they would meet.
Also, those upon the Senate seat.
Concocting a plan of Our Country's fall.
It would require them to "sell out" ALL!
The Judges Courts they allow to Fail.
Wrecking the balance of our Justice Scale.
Just, for only, the Bankers Greed.
They push through Bills they do not read.
Believing they have sealed our Fate.
By telling us that it's to Late.
But, wait! What is that thunderous sound?
So very loud, it shakes the ground.
Could it be millions upon millions of Patriots' feet?
That is marching, ever marching to Liberty's drumbeat.
Now, the good men will no longer ignore.
The oath of allegiance that they did swore.
Our Constitution is the key to restore.
To the erosion of Freedom WE say. "No more!"

Kim American

Anonymous said...

Love what you guys are doing!!! Please follow us as we follow you. Lions of Liberty @

J.B.H. said...

Food for thought....

Proud Oathkeeper here, started a blog and would like to share it with you.

Jon Roland said...

Congratulations on your rally at Lexington Green. By our reckoning, you are all members of the Constitution Society, also known as the Constitutionalist Church. See and . I look forward to personally meeting all of you some day.

whitewolf said...

Just Joined and will take time to feel my way around this site. This is a breath of fresh air!

Anonymous said...

I take my oath to the constitution
of the United States of America. There is no coward in my family, if it comes down to it we will be standing by your side.

TheMouse said...

In past years, American military personnel have come to the aid of other countries and other people.

Ironic as it may seem, there may come a day when foreigners will come America to fight for our liberty !!

CaptGooch said...

On 20 April at 1:52 PM
Anonymous said ....
Thank you, from mother, grandmother and great grandmother.
The one thing that bothers me is the Baptist Preacher that was beat up and tazered 3 times, windows in his car broken out and had to get 17 stitches in his head in Arizona last week by our border patrol, DHS and another law enforcement agent for no reason, what has America come to. So I know there is going to be some that does what ever they are told and they like the power. I just hope there is enough of you to make a difference.

Mrs Anonymous,
Truly "What has America come to ?".
This is exactly the sort of "incident" we Oath Keepers have vowed to oppose.
It is painfully obvious that there were No Oath Keepers around when this took place.

The citizens of Arizona should be in contact with the Sheriff of the county in which this atrocity occurred and let him know that this sort of "out of control" behavior is absolutely unacceptable.
"The pen is mightier than the sword" is still true.
Let the Sheriff know that you vote and that his job IS on the line.
The Sheriff of each and every county does have the authority to expel those federal officers from his county. [Or to arrest them for assault IF he will.]

Every agent of the Border Patrol swears to the same Oath to support and defend the Constitution as we have done.

As I understand it there was some video of several of the officers where their names, faces and badges were visible. These photos should be broadcast to the public in Arizona as widely as possible.
This sort of abuse of power and blatant sadism should be dealt with by the Law Enforcement Officers in that County and State.

Stand Up Gentlemen the lady has called on You.