Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 19th, Rally on the Green Round Up, Part 1

Thanks to the folks at for the great pics

Video from therealstorysharon

From mkauai2

Video from jhyeti

Stewart Rhodes

Sheriff Richard Mack - Author, Sheriff and Oath Keeper.

Lt. Commander David Gillie

Montana State Rep - Joel Boniek

The Boys of Lexington Part 1

The Boys of Lexington Part 2

Drewolfe's Thoughts on the Event

Olgreywolf58's Thoughts

And plenty more to come . . .


Opus #6 said...

Thank you, Oath Keepers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these videos! I have been inspired all over again. The messages were outstanding and motivating. Knowing that you do not stand alone and that others share the same principals as you do is awesome! I learned something by watching these videos. It was not just a was a learning experience all over again. Thank you!

E. McKinney

doubletrouble said...

Is there any chance the pics & videos will be available on a CD for purchase?
I'm stuck on dial-up out here, & as an attendee, I'd love to have permanent remembrance of the occasion.

Thanks for putting it all together!

Best regards,

CorbinKale said...

Powerful videos.

Hard to believe that 6 ladies in pink shirts, holding signs are deemed newsworthy, but this event was not covered by any major news outlet. Things are upside-down and backwards.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised and delighted to see my photos of the Lexington Oath Keepers event displayed on your blog. It seems that one of my fellow members from Northeast Shooters sent them to you before I had chance to.

Wanting to get the photos of the event posted to NES quickly, I downloaded them raw without running them through my photo program.

I have since enhanced their color balance and improved their composition, I would be happy to send them to you if I can get an address. Either that, or I can create a video and just send that.

Please let me know which you would prefer.

Best regards,
JMHH (a/k/a) Massbites on Northeast Shooters

Stewart Rhodes said...


Thanks for taking the pics, and for offering to send enhances versions to us. You can email pics to

Did you get a T shirt and tab?


Anonymous said...

Hello Stewart,

Thank you for the e-mail address. I will forward what I have and let you choose which to use. Or you could just use all of them! : )

To answer your question, no, I did not get a T shirt or tab.



I would appreciate if someone could clarify the status of 'peace officers' with respect to which oaths they take to become 'peace officers.'
It has been my understanding that local law enforcement, and possibly some state law enforcment agencies, do not take oaths to support and defend the Constitution, but to uphold instead the municipal and/or state codes.
Someone please clarify this point.
Thank you,

Stewart Rhodes said...

Janet, email me if you would like to get a shirt and tab.

doubletrouble said...

"Ls there any chance the pics & videos will be available on a CD for purchase?"

Yes, we will have it all on CD, hopefully very soon.


"I would appreciate if someone could clarify the status of 'peace officers' with respect to which oaths they take to become 'peace officers.'"

Most police swear an oath to both their state constitution and the federal constitution. There are some places where this is not done, but I think it safe to say that far more do swear an oath than do not.


Anonymous said...

Good, keep us posted on that CD.
I would *really* like a one page
hand out to print out. I've got
a list of tens of recipients at a minimum. Please! (The OWWNO can go
on the back in summary) I have
mailed vs addresses listed here.

Anonymous said...


I was delighted to see the Oath-Keepers affiliation with Committees of Safety with the Lexington Green event.

Both organizations and websites are quite an encouragement to see that we're not rolling over, belly up!

Stewart Rhodes said...

Folks, the Oath Keepers crew is still recovering from the blitz of activity getting to Lexington, but we will be posting more testimonials, articles, and also more details on upcoming activities and outreach efforts.

And, we still have T shirts for sale if you want one. Details coming in a post very soon.


TheMouse said...

You can find a sampling of photos I took, while at The Gathering on the Green on April 19th, 2009 by clicking on the following link :

Stewart will be posting this link more officially and permanently when he gets a ( ahem ) spare moment. He's a busy man and has already sacrificed greatly so patience with him as he seeks an available moment to post the link.

If I knew how to do it, I would :)