Sunday, April 19, 2009

Retired Navy Chief Electrician


My Name is Craig T. Mayberry and I am a retired Navy Chief Electrician (SW). I have just come across your website or blog as it were. Do you have an organization? And what are you doing in general? I'd like to participate in any organization of Military, ex-military, retired military, police officers etc. who will be engaged in a fight should it become necessary to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

I have taken the oath many times and I intend to stand by it if I have to do it myself. I might end up being a very small puff of smoke but I won't be going out alone I guarantee you.

Craig Mayberry
CPO, USN (Ret.)

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Sheila said...

Dear Gentlemen:

First, let me thank you for your dedication and love of our country, you are brave men. However, it does feel like things are speeding up. Under the Oath (I took the Oath myself), dont you have the right/obligation to our country and to each other, to march into Washington and start arresting these corrupt individuals? You know you feel it too.

Please, tell me that you are ready to enforce your Oath, it is time.

God Speed (would you mind sending me the explanation of this saying.

Your Sister in Liberty