Friday, April 10, 2009


Oath Keepers and Committees of Safety have just received confirmation that Lt. Commander Guy Cunningham (U.S. Navy, Ret.) will be a guest speaker at our rally on the Lexington, Massachusetts Green on April 19, 2009, where we will reaffirm our oaths.

Go here to read the Oath Keepers post about the Lexington rally. Or go here for the Committees of Safety announcement.

Lt. Commander Cunningham was the author of the famous 29 Palms Survey in 1995 that asked Marines if they would serve under U.N. Command and also if they would fire on American citizens who resisted attempts to disarm them.

Lt. CMDR Cunningham will speak at the April 19 muster on why he conducted that survey, the lessons learned from the results, and how it relates directly to the Oath Keepers mission and to the central importance of the oath we all took to defend the Constitution.

Lt. CMDR Cunningham (who served in Special Forces before becoming a Naval officer) is a true patriot and a man who risked his career to explore the vital questions of how U.S. military personnel are being conditioned to undertake missions that are in contradiction to our Constitution, such as conditioning the troops to serve under U.N. command, and how troops are not sufficiently instructed about the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence. His study, and his observations on the results, are very relevant to our mission as Oath Keepers

Lt. CMDR Cunningham is, at this time, writing a special article and introduction to his survey, and once he is finished writing that article, we will post it along with his full, original survey on this site for you to read. Check back here over the next couple of days for more info.

Do not miss the chance to hear him speak at the rally on April 19, 2009 on Lexington Green, in Lexington Massachusetts! You will have the opportunity, after the rally, to ask him questions (and also to speak with the rest of our amazing guests!).

Stewart Rhodes


Michelle said...

In our family we work very hard to make sure our three boys honor the American flag and the men that fight to protect it. I have a father that is retired military and a brother in the Army. I am grateful to all the service these men and women give to our country. I'm so pleased to hear about this Oath Keepers group. You are truely the best of the best!

Anonymous said...

I was raised to respect our Military and say allegiance to our flag and my children and grandchildren I have rasied them the sameway. Thank you Oath Keepers, I am so glad that the American people have you to look out for us. My husband and I will be standing by your side if the day ever comes.

Anonymous said...

To all my brave brothers and sisters, the time is near, the enemy is wicked, they poison our water and taint our bread, beware of what lies ahead, the devil will try to bring upon us all forms of vicious racial and social crimes in an attempt to divide us as a people...this is a war against people of all race, color and creed, We must stand vigilant and humbly put aside our petty differences and unite as one "Americans". I stand by you and will fight to the end. God Bless America!

A concerned citizen
Mark Chang
in country since 1973