Friday, April 10, 2009

Active Duty Marine is an Oath Keeper

To whomever it may concern:

I am an active duty Marine coming to the waning days of my enlistment. After my contract is up I will pursue a career in Law Enforcement. I know that the prevailing attitude among some calling for revolution is that the military and cops are this generations jack booted thugs.

I was afraid of that myself and felt hypocritical to still want to be a police officer.

It felt relieving to find the Oath Keepers.

I am afraid that the powers that be will force a showdown with the people.

Semper Fi


Anonymous said...

Obama if he does Obama if he doesn't
Barack Obama seems to be able to run off at the mouth like he has diarrhea of the words in degrading the United States while in Europe, threatening bankers in America and reading a teleprompter using someone else's words, but somehow when an American is held hostage by pirates, Birdie just doesn't have a comment.........and apparently a plan.

There are absolutely no excuses in Barack Obama attempting to pass the buck on the Somali staged pirate attacks as they were well known and under control with President Bush and other leaders.

There are even less excuses to outright dereliction of duty and outright reprehensible behavior by Obama concerning this entire needless jeopardy for American Citizens on the high seas.

Barack Obama has now become the pirate's hostage and Obama has made all of America a hostage, exactly as that blundering fool Jimmy Carter did with Iranian communists.

Obama now looks completely weak by not doing anything, by staying silent he looks cowardly and if does speak, now he looks prodded to do so by the pirates.
Obama has blundered the entire situation.

This matters intensely as al Qaeda and terrorists around the world have noticed all of this publicity and how if they just take an American hostage or dozen that Obama just sits there looking pathetic and that patheticness rubs off on the US military as it did with Jimmy Carter when he sent Soldiers into harms way and an Iranian ended up pissing on the charred remains of a US Hero.
Fully expect al Qaeda now to grab some high profile Americans in numbers, bait the situation, humiliate Obama and then end it all in a blood fest.

See if Obama moves now on rescuing the hostage, people will ask, "Why did he wait?"

If God forbid this American hostage dies, then Obama is guilty of getting an innocent American dead for not acting soon enough.

This compounds as this American crew are heroic, exactly like Flight 93 which went down over Pennsylvania when the passengers attacked the hijackers.
This crew fought back against the pirates and succeeded in taking their own prisoner.

Now though it gets worse as Obama has the the USS Bainbridge on site monitoring the situation.

The USS Halyburton is on site with helos, and, into all of this heroic Captain Richard Phillip, actually escaped the pirates, plunged into the water risking his life, expecting some Navy Seals to be available, and all he got for it was the swabbies sitting around with their fingers up there Obama anals, and the pirates recaptured this American.

Whoever and ALL EVER, is in command of the Bainbridge and Halyburton should face court martial, along with whatever ever Dunsel is in command of this theater (Vice Admiral William Gortney). IT is without remedy that any American risks their life in an escape with billions of dollars of naval hardware and personnel there and they mirror Obama in not doing a thing.
This should have ended with Captain Phillip's daring escape, 3 SEALS with 50 caliber sniper rifles shooting the pirates who jumped into the water after Phillip and a TOW type missile blowing the lifeboat out of the water.

USS Halyburton "is on site, in the vicinity" of the small lifeboat where pirates are holding Captain Richard Phillip.

To not have this operation at the ready is not doing one's duty. These worthless commanders should be removed immediately and thrown out of the military.

As always, before 5000 pirates start littering the waters off Somalia for this freak show of Obama weakness, this blog will put forth an immediate solution, instead of this castrated "negotiating" which Obama is law un enforcement undertaking to the humiliation of the United States.

America has a host of black sailors. Dress them up as Somali along with a few Somali allies which America does have and put them in cigar boats and have them bob along with the hostage boat just out of distance.
Next, at approximately 1 hour before daylight, a Navy seal team anchors the hostage boat to the ocean floor so it stops drifting, and then proceeds to open holes in the craft, whereby a winch starts pulling the craft down in a controlled sinking operation.

The pirates will then need assistance, which will be provided by the American sailors undercover. (If the pirates have other vessels in the area, it is not that difficult to weed those cigar boats out during the night in sinking them.)
Once the pirates evacuate in a 4 to 1 American superiority, the American swabbies simply shoot the pirates and end the situation.

The rest of the pirates simply are strafed with a 50 caliber helo and the situation ends.

If Obama pays the money, then he is a pariah in rewarding more terrorists and taking American hostages.
If Obama does not pay the money, then he is a pariah for risking the hostage's life.
If Obama drags this out, he is a pariah and Carter jr. for making America look weak.

If the hostage dies, Obama is to absolute blame as this should never have happened in the first place and in the second place, this should have been ended within the first hours with an above like plan.

This is Obama policy in release terrorists, reward terrorists, negotiate with terrorists and embolden terrorists.

This is a complete failure as much as his protesting China, whining about North Korea, rewarding Syria and now looking like Jimmy Carter's actually more inept twin, Obama Carter.

This is Obama if he does and Obama if he doesn't. This is the utter incompetence of Barack Obama now tarnishing the United States military.

ravnone1 said...

I totally agree. Bless the Oath Keepers.

CaptGooch said...

Welcome Marine,

Thank you for your Service.

I do hope that when you do go into Law Enforcement that you are able to spread the word about the real meaning of the oath that your brother officers have sworn and to encourage them to learn as much as they can about our Real history and Heritage.

Thanks for coming here to help us save the Country.

It is completely understandable that you would want to but a sad commentary on the state of our freedoms that an active duty military person feels that they have to remain anonymous to publicly state their promise to Keep the Oath that even their Officers swore to as well.

Thank You Marine

Semper Fidelis

CaptGooch said...

On 10 April at 3:58 PM
Anonymous posted a lengthy scree about the latest news concerning the piracy in Somalian waters and the apparent lack of "movement" by the Navy.
While many may agree with the opinions expressed by this Anonymous poster May I Please remind all that our purpose here is to Reach out to the Active Duty Military, Reserves and Peace Officers of our country in an effort to Remind them of the meaning of the oath they took ? And IF they are not aware of the meaning and intent in it to Teach them in an effort to avoid a really nasty outcome should an illegal order come down the chain of command.

Thank you all for helping us get out the word and for your efforts to Reach and Teach.

For the Republic

The Oath Keepers crew

jon said...

by all means, seek to displace a JBT, and become an LEO. do as thou wilt. it is not your job, it is not your ideas, it is not your tv and pleated khakis.

it is your actions, and thus your soul, that is of consequence.

Earl said...

I totally agree with CaptGooch. The last thing I would ever want to do is turn my weapons on a fellow citizen. I will only use my weapons to uphold our Constitution as it was written not interpreted.
You are not alone Marine. You have us with you and I am thankful that we have you with us.
Welcome to Oath Keepers.

daddynoz said...


Great site and keep up the good work.

One caveat, I encourage active military to show a modicum of restraint in their commentary regarding the improper election of President Obama. Until relieved by a competent legal authority, Mr. Obama is the "lawful" sitting President and CIC of the United States. Soldiers should be fully cognizant that they are restricted in thier publicly voiced opinions and activism. Always remember "big brother" is watching and has a really crappy sense of humor.

On a lighter note, the stated Declaration of this site is IAW and does not apparently defy regulations or policy of the DOD. Consider me a supporter and ally of this site.


SFC Nosworthy

Tammy said...

On another note, please all of you take a moment to see my blog on an upcoming bill that would PROTECT our CONSTITUTION. The bill is H. R. 450 and my blog is a sort of one stop shop of information on this bill.

This requires immeidate action:

daddynoz said...

Regarding oaths and the active military...

Cited from my blog:

"Some would contend the oath of enlistment is SOLELY a call to defend the Constitution, I’m starting to think not. As a citizen, I would agree that the primary concern would be the defense of the highest document of our land; but, unfortunately that is a can of worms this Soldier is unwilling to open. Am I also to stand against the supposed unconstitutional nature of Federal Income Taxes, failure to secure the borders, most federal spending, etc? No, I’m afraid it’s not going to happen. The PRIMARY CONCERN of this Soldier is whether his Commander in Chief can render a “LAWFUL ORDER” (and the consequent expectation of my DUTY to OBEY said order). No disrespect is meant toward the office of the presidency, Mr. Obama, or the previous process that led to his assumption of office. It is merely a request for the ambiguity to be removed from his eligibility to serve (not wholly unlike the criteria I had to meet for enlistment)."

SFC Nosworthy

Opus #6 said...

I want to thank you, brave soldiers and veterans, for your service to this country. My children and I rely on you and we are so very grateful that you risk yourselves for our freedom. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your service, we are very proud of Americas Military. I just hope the rest of the Military feels the same way. Oath Keepers thank you, I just hope you have gotten across to most military and Police, Me and my husband will be standing by your side.

Anonymous said...

THE 2nd AMERICAN REVOLUTION will 'Muster on the GREEN' in LEXINGTON, MA on the HALLOWED GROUND where the FIRST BATTLE of the 1st AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR began on April 19, 1775.

Captain John Parker, Commanding Office of the Lexington MA, Militia formed his Militia on the Lexington Green and this is where it all began with "The shot heard around the world."

Hundreds of active-duty military, veterans and peace officers will 'Muster on the Green' to reaffirm their Sworn Oath to Support and Defend OUR U.S. CONSTITUTION against ALL Enemies, Foreign and Domestic.

"Our voices will be heard around the world" on this anniversary, 19 APRIL 2009 at 3:PM-6:PM, 234 years after the 1st American Revolution.

We, ALL American Patriots, pray that ALL of us who have sworn to support and defend our U.S. Constitution will accomplish our mission without bloodshed! Vigilance is the order of the day!

The United States of America is the only country in the world to keep and bear arms (LEGALLY) for preservation of ourselves, our families and our property…’the last hope for mankind’!

Stewart Rhodes, founder of the Oath Keepers, has been invited to speak by the Committee of Safety at this event. (info on Lexington, MA, Mustering on the Green) (Hang your hat here!) (Supreme Court Authorizes Congress to IGNORE our U.S. CONSTITUTION!?/?!?) The whole government is corrupt!

Semper Fi,
Jason Leverette

Anonymous said...

Semper Fi fellow brother, I am with you and I am far from alone...