Sunday, April 19, 2009

I want you to add my name to the list of oath keepers.

Hello, all you oath keepers!

I am more than impressed by your courage and conviction. Having read the material on your website the other day, I want you to add my name to the list of oath keepers.
It was June of 1963, right out of high school, that I joined the Marine Corps. But, it was November of that year, just as I returned from "boot leave," that "they" murdered my Commander-in-Chief! So, smelling a big RAT, I went AWOL. I'm glad I did. Now, before you criticize my patriotism, consider that it was OUR GUYS who assassinated our President!!! I was no different than those brave servicemen who now question Obama's birth certificate; so do I!
I do hereby covenant with all of you to obey the oath of service which I took on entering the service--even if it means rooting out the RATS in our own outfit! I do revere our beloved United States Constitution and pledge to support and defend it against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.
May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless our endeavors. For a look at how it will play out, just search for "George Washington's Vision." It will be found at He saw that America will be invaded by a combination of enemies from Asia, Africa and Europe. With half of us dead and the other half ready to surrender, our Lord and Master will appear on the scene with His Host of Angels and save our "bacon." We must repent of our sins, turn to our God and pray for His almighty deliverance. That prayer will be granted when done with genuine faith.
So, let us carry on without fear; our God is with us. Semper Fidelis!

Mr. Steve Noe


Unknown said...

I like my father before me and my eldest son swore the same oath upon our enlistment and meant every word we said.

My father has passed on and my son's have families of their own and even though I am not in my 20's anymore I, as well as my son's, will still defend our constitution and will do what ever we can to ensure that others can not damage this country or its citizens.

JD in Fort Worth

Anonymous said...

13 year U.S. ARMY VET

The Mechanic said...

Its Patriot's Day, April 19th today. I plan to just lay low and keep quie. For now.

Anonymous said...

22 year vet of the 82nd ABN (12yrs) and Washington natl guard. Not one person asked me to recant my oath in 2005 when I retired. I figure my oath is for life. Even if I must fight under a confederate flag.

Ed Smith, Palm Springs, CA said...

We must all remember freedom of religion in the midst of all of this. Consider this: John Adams was a religious man, he believed in the Bible. He also knew that the U.S. government should never, ever be allowed to impose religious morals onto people. Our country should never have a law that tells it's citizens what they can or cannot do in regards to actions that do not harm another person. Just because someone disagrees with their fellow Citizen doesn't mean they can impose their views on them. Everyone is entitled to live their life as they see fit, as long as they don't harm another in doing so. Never impose your morals on another.