Sunday, April 19, 2009

1st Cavalry Division Soldier Sounds Off on DHS Smear of Veterans as "Security Threats"


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your service, I am very proud of our Military and thank you for your oath to the constitution. We have to all stick together to stop this madness that's going on in our country. I'm doing my part by writing my congressmen and signing every petition I find and some other things I am involved in to try and get this bogus potus and muslum out of our White House.

Earl said...

You said it very well my friend. They can label me almost anything but I'm not a liar. I will still defend the Constitution as I swore to when I took that oath. I'm proud to have you with us.

sick&tired said...

That was wonderful!! I'm a civilian who is more than grateful for our wonderful Military and couldn't be prouder. It's comforting to know there are men and woman out there who echo the sentiments in this video. Thank you, Oath Keepers.

Anonymous said...

God bless you

Anonymous said...

Nicely Said Soldier!

Outstanding more accurately!

I am so very Proud of you active duty men/women and the personal courage and leadership you have displayed before our country!

As a fellow vet I trully appreaciated being included in your list of loyal defenders of the Constitution with the proper amount of certainty! You got that right Troop!, we are out here and we got your six!

Thank You for all you have done for this country!

Good Luck!

Stay Sharp!

God Bless, and come back safe!

Cowboy18 Out!

Brock Townsend said...

Sir, my sentiments exactly. You will be well known shortly.

Hulagu Khan said...

Well said Soldier, I to took the oath some years back and it has no expiration date. Glad to have you with us.

Lyle said...

Well stated young man

Anonymous said...


Arleen S. McInarnay said...

Worded succinctly and accurately. God bless you and all oath-keepers. I went to my local gun dealer's to purchase some more ammo and commemorate Patriot Day today, since I couldn't be at Lexington. He was afraid to visit this website for fear of being put on a list. HE'S A GUN DEALER for crying out loud! I tried to calmly explain to him that we're all on lists and he's already on one as a gun dealer way before me.

Technically, I'm a vet, although I took the oath during peace time in the early 80's and will mean it to my grave, I was hurt in training before AIT badly enough to be discharged, even though honorably so, I'm almost embarrassed to be counted among those who serve and served bravely. My father was a submarine commander and I come from a long line of patriots dating to the Mayflower on both sides of my family and even include Samuel Adams among my ancestors. That being said, I continue my training to this day, spiritual,itellectual, physical, tactical and support all those that do. (Go Appleseed project, Go Cumberland Tactics!)I will never give up liberty for so called security and it warms the heart to hear of so many active duty and retired alike who feel the same. As I await video from Lexington and read the testimonials here, this soldier's in particular stood out as honest and true. Thank you again for posting it.

I will not be anonymous. (but appreciate and understand those that do)I don't give a flip about their "Lists"

"If ye love wealth more than liberty the tranquility of servitude more than the animating contest of freedom; go home from us in peace, we seek not your counsel nor your arms, may your chains set lightly apon you, may you crouch down to lick the hand the feeds you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen" Samuel Adams... my real Uncle Sam.

Keep yer powder dry...Arleen

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I hope it doesn't come down to this, but it is looking everyday, like it will.

Stoakman said...

Its just how we roll! Thanks for stating so clearly what we all feel. In the spirit of the anniversary today, if anyone lives near Los Angeles (and I mean a wide berth), please meetup with us this Sunday. Go to and type in Oath Keepers. Following the fine example set by Stewart and team, we hope to spread the keeping of the oath and renew it in a public way for our citizens to see and acknowledge.
Former Army

Gregory Severino said...

Well spoken soldier.

Although I never served in the Military (4F) or Law Enforcement, I grew up as an Air Force dependant. Military Bases are my hometown. I now consider myself a candidate for the Militia and as such I swear this Oath along with the fine men and women of the Military and Law Enforcement.

My Family and I would like to extend our gratitude for your service to our Nation and in return provide our respect and unwavering support to all Oath Keepers.

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

God Bless you Soldier!
Thank you for your service. Thank you for keeping us safe. I think about every one of you during the holidays, praying that you are well fed, happy and have good company since you have to be away from your families.
There is more of us than "them" and we respect you and honor you sir!

Anonymous said...

Roger that soldier!! I took an oath one month ago and will stand along side all who will uphold their oath! I do not have the priveledge of military service but am pursuing law enforcement.I am losing loved ones from cancer in my life and seeing my country going astray.My heart cries for freedom and I am ready fellow countrymen to honor my oath!!

Minuteman and Oathkeeper,
Justin Mundet