Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dear Friends . . .

Dear Friends,

Our corrupt government and media have misled our military and citizens (as Hitler misled the German people). Our military and citizens don't know the wars they are fighting are illegal according to US and International law. Obama, Gates, Congress are making the military into War Criminals. Obama, Gates, Bush, Congress, etc. are War Criminals - treasonous, murderous fascists, have been for years! -- definitely Not Oath Keepers!!

The military needs to be informed and file 138's and lawsuits on Obama, Gates and Congress, etc.

Thank you,
Danny Vestal


Anonymous said...

A lot of people are silent because they don't want to be disappeared.There are a lot of people ready to resist tyranny but there is no leader on the white horse to unite them.All our leadership is corrupt.

Anonymous said...

A question. Have we reached the point where more people in America want globalism ( earth citizen )and socialism/communism than a free representitive constitutional republic? I hope not.Do the forces that think America and it's constitution are outdated,do they outnumber traditional Americans? If Americans tried to restore America to it's original form would those Americans be considered terrorists? Is America so selfish,so perverted that it has to fall?

Anonymous said...

MICHAEL NEW should be the example of a real AMERICAN soldier.He should be given a medal,not punnished.F**K the UN.