Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 19th from a Canadian Perspective


Today is the 19th of April ... remembering "the shot that was heard around the world" back then ... it will be heard even louder today because we have so many more means to talk to each other over the internet and the gathering will shine in the hearts of all who cherish Life, Freedom and Liberty. More so ... those who stand proud, in uniform, will remind the people of WHO stands between them and harm ... I salute you all!

Americans have too much to be proud of to be humbled by the treasonous actions of a few ... people around the word know this and respect you ... even though they do not respect the politicians who claim to represent you.

I am a Canadian. I have spent a lot of time in YOUR country. America sneezes and Canada catches a cold ... and as much as I will always protect MY country, I will NOT accept your struggle now as inconsequential compared to the derivative harm that will happen to my own country!

Here (in Canada), we have had tooooooo many socialist (read Communist) "leaders" and our country has been systemically "dumbed down" over several generations. We, unlike YOU ... DO NOT have the benefit of a real or proper "constitution". You DO have a tangible Constitution from the people to the defined and LIMITED government ... your 'rights' and enforcement of those rights ARE the example to the world ...use them well.

So .. YOU have something REAL and TANGIBLE that YOU can and will stand behind and fight for if pushed to that point!

I remain your loving and devoted cousin up north ... We (here) ARE on your side!

Paul Jacobsen


Anonymous said...

Beautifully said, Paul!!

Thank you!

I will say thank you, again, to all of you oath keepers. You have given me a lot of hope and I am grateful for that. I want my kids to grow up knowing freedom and I am prepared to do whatever I can to help this movement.

CaptGooch said...

Thank You Paul.

Would that personal Liberty and Freedom were more common around the world.
All the more reason for us to preserve our Constitution and Republic.

All the more reason for us to reach out to teach and inspire our brother oath takers and help them see the true meaning of that oath.

Thanks again for the very kind words Paul the Oath Keepers shall stand shoulder to shoulder in defense of the Constitution and the Freedoms it protects.

For the Republic