Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Constitution, is what holds our union together;

Hello all,

This is a wonderful forum for allowing those who vowed to re-confirm what they swore to do.

I remember that morning at the MEPS station in San Antonio where I was told to raise my hand and swear. I recall what I was sworn to do.
I remember the gravity, at least for me, of the event when I
promised before God, that I would uphold the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.
At the time I took no oath to
protect and defend a government, a political party or an elected official. That stuck in my nineteen year old mind as something important and as something that rang true and wise.

It is still true for me as the united States of America, the country, is greater than the Federal government. The Federal government is not what must survive, succeed or be protected it is the people of the many States of our union that must.
That one
document, the Constitution, is what holds our union together; lists
some of our God given rights and imposes limits on those, We the People, temporarily entrust with the responsibility of protecting us as we pursue happiness and protect our liberties as we live our lives as free men and women.
The Constitution is not a thing that
can be legally altered, changed or ignored by the whims of a few.

All that being said I took the oath deadly seriously and now re-affirm that I will defend the Constitution. It hasn’t changed so neither should my resolve to protect the truths it contains as I have not been absolved from what I swore nor do I desire to be absolved of my forsworn duty.
So, if some would act in a manner
that puts the Constitution in jeopardy they would become its enemy and therefore mine.

As I once swore “So help me God.”

Willing and ready,

W. L. Moses


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your steadfast resolve to defend what is right with our great nation and for recognizing what makes an enemy. I would encourage you to speak to those who are younger than you and maybe a bit confused about what is important.

God bless you and keep you.

Anonymous said...

Yes the young do not know how to logically go about this, we need to help them! Except for the fact that fluid intelligence (ability to reason) decreases over time... But still we cannot be worried about dealing with the current issues at hand. Instead we must stick to our conservative values and ignore what we have learned in the past.