Monday, April 6, 2009

Active Duty Serviceman Gives His Promise to the American People

I'm on active duty, and I do not need to be reminded of my oath.

I took it of sound mind and without reservation. I fully understand what it may entail. The domestic enemies of the United States will never be its people. It is infinitely more likely that it will be its government, since only powerful institutions and the government itself have a vested interest in attacking, perverting, and circumventing the U.S. Constitution.

No unconstitutional order shall be obeyed by myself or those under my authority as long as I am able to resist. I'm confident that the U.S. Military is full of individuals similar in mind and resolve as myself.

We are the Armed Forces of the Republic, and not a tool for oppression.

I can only offer the American people this solemn promise: I would die before I become their enemy.


Stewart Rhodes said...

Thank you. That was well-said and powerful. Each of us who took that oath understood it may require of us to give all, and we are still, to this day, fine with that. What matters most is our honor, and that we keep our word, and we shall.

Thank you for stepping up, and we are honored to count you as a fellow Oath Keeper.

CaptGooch said...

I find myself in Warnock's Dilemma.
I feel a need to speak BUT all I would say has already been said and said very well.

Thank You Sir for standing with us.

Well Done Sir. Well Done Indeed.
I am Honored to be in your company.

"Not on Our Watch"

Anonymous said...

Bless you sir. Your oath made this civilian mom cry in gratitude and appreciation for your honor, integrity and courage. I am deeply grateful.

Anonymous said...

As I type, I can barely see from the tears in my eyes. The pride that I feel after reading your message with the sorrow I feel when I see at what they have done to our great republic, it overwhelms me. Together we stand.

Forever Grateful
Patriot in NY

Anonymous said...

I took my oath in 1968. I don't recall that there was any expiration date mentioned.

Good for you, Sir.

Anonymous said...

Much gratitude from a semi-retired grandma! My heart swells with pride knowing we have young men such as yourself to uphold the integrity of this great nation. Your words will ring in my heart until my last breath.
God bless you son!