Monday, April 6, 2009

USCGR (Ret) " AMERICA's one and only hope lies in the ranks of military and law enforcement "

Please add my name to those who've taken the oath.

I'm a recently retired 25 year member of the Coast Guard Reserve, E8/BM, having served at MSO Norfolk, USCG STA Portsmouth, USCG Sta Milford Haven, USCG ANT Milford Haven, USCG ANT Potomac, and USCG STA Little Creek.

My civilian career has been in public education, 32 yrs, all Sciences and Math from Grades 7 thru 1st year college. I have been opposing the increasingly oppressive federal gov't since 1973, when as a Jr in college, I had my first letter to the editor, accusing congress of treason because of the automatic pay raise, published.

Though retired, as all retirees I'm still a part of the stand by reserve and subject to recall, I shall absolutely refuse to follow any orders I believe to be unconstitutional or unconscionable, and to refuse any order given by a foreign officer regardless of his authority. I have a younger brother in the CG Reserve and two nephews in Law Enforcement and am forwarding this to them.

I firmly believe that AMERICA's one and only hope lies within the ranks of her military and law enforcement personnel.

Thank you for providing this opportunity to continue to serve my country.

David P Wright,
BMCS USCGR (Ret), Physics Instructor, CBGS, Hartfield Va.

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CaptGooch said...

Welcome Boats,

It's good to have you with us.
With all of that teaching experience you are just the man to help us Reach and Teach.

We need to Reach and Teach all of the currently active duty and Reserves as well as all of the Active and retired Peace Officers to remind them of the Oath they took and to ask them to join us as well.

Thank You for your Service and for your commitment to your Oath.

Welcome aboard.