Monday, April 6, 2009

HOOAH! Veteran of OIF Stands by the Constitution

I found your site through on a message board through Myspace. I love what you guys are doing. I would love to be a part of it.

A little about myself.

Veteran of OIF 3/4/5
Military Police Soldier
Protective Services School Anti-Terrorism Driving School.
Combatives Level 3.
3 Vehicle Combat Patrol/PSD mission
over 25,000 miles through IRAQ as a M-2 Gunner

My Vehicle Alone was hit by 9 IEDs.

Actually have one attack on Video.

(shown below)

The Truck being hit is mine, it was number 8 of 9. The Third Truck got it on video.

Member of the VFW and American Legion. Currently going through the VA system for treatments for TBI and PTSD.

I completely agree with what you guys are about.To be honest, its a rarity I find anything I completely agree with. But protecting the United States in this
fashion, abiding by the Constitution of our Great Country is something every Service Member should completely agree with.

Thank you for This.
Jason Clark


Anonymous said...

Big cuts seen for F-22, other big weapon programs


Ok, Now That it’s Official…We Have Even More & Serious National Security Issues.

* Posted by Thomas Jefferson on April 6, 2009 at 2:58pm
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For those of you who don’t know, the F/22 and F/35 are the newest and most state-of-the-art fighter aircraft our nation’s military arsenal has in service. They are designed to replace the thousands of Aging F/14, F/18, F/15 and F/16 that are wearing down and have been in service for decades. These newest aircraft were designed to keep us ahead of the competition and rogue nations for many years to come.
Well Now Obama is stopping production, we only have 184 built, and he will be halting at 187. It may seem like a big number of units to some of you, but when you spread them out around the world, and consider maintenance and service down time, the size of our country, not to mention the number of trained pilots we have flying the aging aircraft we need to replace. It puts are nations air supremacy, and advanced security fighting force in a very risky position.

I’ll try and put this into some sort of perspective…The 65 billion dollars a year we spend to house prisoners in this country…could replace all the above craft, and then some for years to come. Who knows what we could get if we could harness the 350 billion dollars the Illegal’s are costing our nation. Or even the billions we flushed away on AIG… (“Hey…but what the Heck, it’s only our nation’s security at stake”!!! “Right”!!!)

One more thing, These Cuts will eliminate 90,000 U.S. jobs!!!

God Help Us All!!!
Thomas Jefferson,
Lt Col USAF (Ret.) “07”

Get this Fraud out of our country.No wait we can't.. He has to much information of our secuirty as well as gates and the rest

CaptGooch said...

Col Jefferson,

While I sympathize with the inequities of the financial situation our armed forces face this is not the place for these arguments.

We are here to support and defend the Constitution not haggle over jobs or money.

Please DO read our What We are NOT list.

Thank You for your Service.

CaptGooch said...

Postscript to the above response to LtCol Jefferson.

While this blog may not be the place to air your concerns Please do feel free to bring them to our temporary chat forum at
We have been graciously allowed to have our own forum space upon an already existing forum.

Please do make use of the opportunity IF you like.

Capt USMM Ret
Navy Oath Keeper since '66

Anonymous said...

Mr. Clark,
Thank you for your service, but most of all thank you for taking the oath to defend and protect the constition serious. Share the Oath Keepers movement with your brothers and sisters. Our numbers need to continue to grow.

Thank you!