Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Oath is to preserve The United States of America.

I have taken the oath to uphold the constitution several times and administered it to military servicemen also. The oath is not to uphold unlawful orders or to personally serve the president at his whim, but to preserve The United States of America.

I have been combat trained in the Air Force, US Navy and Sheriffs Dept. and will do what is necessary to preserve our American way of life from ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.

H. L. Mize

York, SC


Anonymous said...

God bless you

2 Dogs said...

Where wer you guys when Bush was trying everything is his power to shread the Constitutitiopn?

Stewart Rhodes said...

2 Dogs, I was here:

There, you can find multiple papers and articles I wrote against most of what the Bush Admin did in the name of fighting the war on terrorism. If you look at the links on the right hand side, you will find a paper I wrote while a student at Yale Law School that was very critical of the claimed powers of the executive to declare people enemy combatants. I wrote that in 2004. I also published an article on that same topic for The Warrior, which is the Journal for Gerry Spence's Trial Lawyers College.

I also wrote many scathingly critical articles for, which are still online. I re-posted many of those on my personal blog.

So, go read those. That's where I was. How many articles did you write, and get published, speaking out against the dangerous expansion of power in the Executive?

I waa also busy working as a volunteer for the Ron Paul campaign. It was during that effort that I first thought of Oath Keepers.

It's rather funny, but also sad, that during the Bush years people would reflexively label me a "liberal" just because I objected, on consitutional grounds, to what was being done by a Republican president. Well, now people reflexively label me a "right wing reactionary" simply for opposing what is being done by a Democrat (and you will note that Obama is carrying on in the same manner as Bush - he has not renounced any of the extraordinary claims of executive power and privilege).

I have not changed, and my stand on the Constitution has not changed. I truly don't care what cute little letter is behind some politician's name, whether it is an "R" or a "D."

And while I cannot speak for everyone who now calls themselves an oath keeper, I can speak for the men and women at the heart of this org, and say that we are simply defenders of the constitution against all who would destroy it, from the left of the right.