Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Retired Marine Sounds Off

I am a retired Marine, 73 years old, and have never seen our Constitution under attack as now. I gave my oath to defend the Constitution when I enlisted, and again when promoted to Marine Gunner, CWO. I would be proud to add my name to the cause.

Semper Fedelis, Otto Schwab


Anonymous said...

My hat is off to all of you.I wish the entire military was as aware of the dangers we face from our politicians.

A patriots duty is to protect his country from its leaders...
the government is evil...time for it to go to hell.

Danny Vestal said...

Our corrupt government and media have misled our military and citizens (as Hitler misled the German people). Our military and citizens don't know the wars they are fighting are illegal according to US and International law. Obama, Gates, Congress are making the military into War Criminals. Obama, Gates, Bush, Congress, etc. are War Criminals - treasonous, murderous fascists, have been for years! -- definitely Not Oath Keepers!!

The military needs to be informed and file 138's and lawsuits on Obama, Gates and Congress, etc.

Thank you,
Danny Vestal