Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Retired Coast Guard, Former Air Force and Navy

As a 23 year retired member of the US Coast Guard, formerly of the Air Force and US Navy, I am appalled at recent events in our government, and its untruthful leader. I am ready to stand brothers and sisters. Sign me up.

BMC JL Brown, USCG Retired


Silent_Majority said...

As a veteran police officer I am with you. We did not take an oath to protect the "ruling party" but to defend the people and the constitution.

Anonymous said...

I am not positive but I think ' Paypal" is antigun. Should we be using them?

tWrex said...

As a Disabled Marine Corp Veteran I second this opinion and vote for a no confidence vote to be brought up. :) Seriously though, I'm in. Whatever I can do to help.

Semper Fi