Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Combat Air Force Veteran, Vietnam Era

Greetings to all supporters of this site and a "thank you very much" to Mr. Rhodes.

In the past few years, I have notice the "Media" use the word "HERO" in recognizing persons for doing good deeds or outstanding achievements which somewhat bothered me as to the meaning of the word "Hero". One of the definitions stated in Webster Dictionary says "one that shows great courage". To me, the key word is GREAT courage which is above and beyond the call of duty. The fact that those who have take the oath in defending the US Constitution who are on active duty at risk of losing personal freedom and possible life in defending their beliefs is truly Heroic and I commend all of them.

For the Vets including myself, we can set an example to those on active duty and encourage them to participate in our endeavor as well as recruiting other Vets and Civilians alike. When the time comes when we will have to muster up the courage as we did before, we must make our individual stand alone but knowing that others will follow after us.

There's a lot of bad people in the "right places" that makes this a real struggle but there's a lot more good people everywhere around them that are like "sleeping dogs" until now.

Let this website be a "wake up call" to ALL SLEEPING DOGS to wake up and start sniffing around to identify these "bad people" and start exposing them for who they really are....A Traitor or just a greedy Thief to Our Country because there are no "middle grounds" anymore.
We are being observed by the rest of the world as to how much more abuse will the American People take and most of all, what are they going to do about it. What made this nation great was not the military might but the Mighty Will of the People. A WILL that could not be beaten because of our desire to be Free People. An Act of NON-COMPLIANCE is very powerful especially when done in the masses whereas an Act of Violence can be Justified with more violence especially where innocent people are the casualties in the crossfire.

The acts of the past administration and looks like this one as well is reclassifying the American people as being a FEAR BASED SOCIETY and easily manipulated. The growing resistance to what is going on is still a small fraction of our society. I believe that the government is using this tactic on other countries in keeping them "in-check" too. Main stream media is keeping the overall general public ignorant as to what is really going on and silencing all "whistle blowers" and information websites in one form or another. Meanwhile, the rest of the world watches what we do. It is time to awaken the "sleeping dogs"!
Wouldn't it be truly amazing if all the websites that believes what this site has given oath to join in mutual agreement in awakening the general population of this country. To be willing to risk all so that we may become free people again and remove the bad people who are in the right place with good people to do good for the people and hold them accountable? Wouldn't it be nice to make the bad people fearful of the good people? Wouldn't it be nice if 1 injustice is done whereby millions respond in saying NO MORE and made right by making a phone call or an email to a multitude of available websites and centers and get timely support? The technology exists but can only be implemented by the WILL of the people who truly desires personal freedom.

I do and I have taken this oath long before the creation of this website like many others but this site has been a real wake up call for me and has prompted me to take a more aggressive stance in what I believe. I will not die on my knees!
For those who criticize this site and others like this, I am really sorry for you. I cannot fathom how it feels to be so powerless and unfree. It is truly a sad and depressing state of emotion to carry inside yourself. I cannot see the benefit in knocking down other peoples good intent to make yourself look righteous.

In battle, being scared is one thing and I was scared shitless but the coward I saw, a Chief Master Sgt. trying to dig through concrete with his fingers shaking like a dog, in my one and only brief engagement gave me the courage to realize that I rather die fighting than to live like a wimp for the rest of my life.

YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND what LIFE, LIBERTY & the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS REALLY MEANS! I hope someday you will come to understand these words like "the HEROS" in this site knows and understands.
Peace, Joy & Happiness to All of You Guys & Gals
There is much Love and Appreciation for your Patriotism
Hiram Hiramoto, SSgt. USAF

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CorbinKale said...

Thank you for taking a stand!

The Chief Master Sgt. you referred to is proof that nothing is ever completely worthless. It can always serve as a terrible example.