Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ret. Peace Officer Stands by the Constitution

I am a retired, career law enforcement officer. I have a total of 38 years of combined law enforcement and military experience. As a law enforcement officer, I have sworn to defend the United States Constitution.

At this chilling time in our history our Constitution is being shredded by the administration and the Congress, and all of our Constitutional rights are in jeopardy.

A "grassroots" organization, such as Oath Keepers, can continue to organize and grow and, through education, convince law enforcement and military personnel never to use any unconstitutional authority against their fellow Americans.

Jim Farley


CaptGooch said...

Welcome Jim,
I am just curious but how does the wording on the "generic" Peace Officers Oath of Service read ? Is there a "generic" oath ?
What I mean is, is there a standard oath like with the military ? [all of the branches swear the same oath of service]
Or does each Department write their own oath ?

It matters not at all I'm just a curious li'l sailor is all. :)

It is our commitment to the Constitution that draws us together and our desire to return to the Constitutional Republic that our Founding Fathers created that will carry us through.

Now more than ever we need to close ranks and not have any segment feeling left out or left behind.
Active duty Law Enforcement Officers and active duty Military will be our first [early]warning elements and we need to reach and teach as many as possible.
We need all of the Law Enforcement Officers you can reach to "come to" and help out.

Thank You for 38 years of Service so far BUT you might not, correction, WE might not be done just yet.

"Not On Our Watch"

Dave Freeman said...


I too want to thank you for guarding the republic for thirty-eight years. You've certainly earned a rest, but you chose instead to saddle-up with us at Oath Keepers - God bless you; you are definitely our blood brother.