Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Airborne Vet Knows His Oath Still Stands

When I enlisted in the U.S.Army on July 10,1972,I swore an oath to defend the Constitution,Not a political agenda, as have thousands before me.When I was Honorably Discharged on June 30th, 1976, nobody at Ft.Dix, told me to forget about the oath I had taken.

I am not as young and more beat up, but, I have not fulfilled my oath, I am ready if needed.

Patrick McCaulley,
11B2P, Airborne Infantry,3-187,1-509 ABCT.


CaptGooch said...

Welcome Patrick,
I was Navy and am not familiar with the MOS short hand that the Army and Marine Corps has adopted recently [like back in the 70's] so I don't know what your designations are when you folks identify yourselves with the letters and numbers of your MOS and units.
{11B2P,Airborne Infantry {I got that Airborne Infantry part :grin:},3-187,1-509 ABCT.}
I was a BT [Boilerman] Seaman [E-3] on Tin Cans. '66-'69

None the less I would like to let you know that some of us are probably a little more "not as young and more beat up" than it appears from our testimonials. :grin:

Being an Honorable person knows no age limit that I can discern.
Young, old, in between .... being Faithful to our Oath is the only requirement.

Be Welcome and Thank You for your Service.

Anonymous said...

3rd Battalion 187th Infantry (Abn),101st Airborne Division.1st Battalion 509th Infantry (Abn),Southern European Task Force(SETAF),Vicenza,Italy.

CaptGooch said...

OK ....
I think I begin to see the relationships BUT bear with this ol' man from the ol' times with a sad case of ol'timers. :silly GRIN:

Thanks for taking the time to explain that for me.

And Thanks again for your Service.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou to ALL veterans,and,WELCOME HOME!!!!!