Saturday, March 14, 2009

"NUTS!" - An old vet keeps the Oath

Gun confiscation in America? In the words of General Anthony Clement McAuliffe, "NUTS!"

Brigadier General McCauliffe was in command of the 101st Airborne Division and other Army forces at the key town of Bastogne, Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge in 1944. German forces surrounded the outnumbered defenders, cutting them off from supply and reinforcement. But the scrappy American troops rebuffed every attack and held on through two days of fierce battle. Knowing the Americans were low on supplies, the German commander offered McAuliffe the chance to surrender. McAuliffe's one-word reply was "Nuts." This became arguably the most famous single statement in World War II and a symbol of the determination to defeat Nazi Germany.

An old vet keeps the Oath
by Robert Muchnick
USN vet

FINALLY, Americans taking a stand for what is right. I have been looking for you for years.

I am a Vietnam era U.S. Navy veteran, long since discharged from service. Unlike many of the distinguished folks who've posted their testimonials here, my service was less than remarkable, but I did serve, during a time of undeclared war, and volunteered to boot.

When you're eighteen, you maybe believe the "fighting for freedom" and "keeping the world safe for democracy [sic]" stuff because you don't know any better. In the decades since my oath of service, I learned the difference -- painfully -- between "government" and the Constitution; they aren't the same, and are often antithetical to each other. Back in the days of 'Nam, we were ostensibly fighting against a Fascist/Communist tyranny. Now it looks as if we've become one.

I took the oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I never renounced it and it didn't have an expiration date. It also said nothing about the President, the Congress or the Supreme Court. It said the Constitution because it is that greatest of political documents which enshrines the freedom that was America.

The right of defense of oneself, one's family and way of life is a right inherent in all creatures and flows from Nature herself. It is not a right emanating from a benign "government" which can be bestowed or withdrawn by it on a whim. The right of defense exists prior even to the Constitution itself. The same can be said of liberty because liberty without the right of defense is an illusion. The Founding Fathers knew that government can grow to be the enemy of the people's freedom and so put in place measures for "the security of a free State."

There is conflict brewing on the near horizon for this country, of that there can be no doubt. I may be slower and not as strong as I was four decades ago, but I will stand with anyone here to defend freedom and our Constitution for the people of this nation, by whatever means are necessary. The citizen soldier built this nation and the loyal members of the armed and police forces defended it, and we the people will now save it from destruction.

Gun confiscation in America? In the words of General Anthony Clement McAuliffe, "NUTS!"

Molon Labe!

Robert Muchnick
USN vet


Anonymous said...

Aha! YES! NUTS! That should be the Oath Keeper motto.

Gun confiscation? NUTS!

Property confiscation? NUTS!

Martial law? NUTS!

on down the fucking line. NUTS! to all that crap. And NUTS! to the goddamn bankers and their puppets in DC too.

da patriot said...

God bless you for this effort! When I first landed on your site and started reading what you are doing, I was moved to tears. As an American it sickens me how far our politicians have strayed from the Constitutional limitations on the power of government and the disrespect they have shown for our Constitutional rights. I know that they will not give up the power that they have usurped from the people willingly. I am pleased to know that, thanks to your efforts, that we will not be standing alone. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

"The right of defense exists prior even to the Constitution itself. "

Like when you were over in Nam defending yourself?

Law and Order Teacher said...

I am with you in your efforts. I'll email you with my testimonial tomorrow. This situation has went over the edge. This is no longer acceptable. I took the oath twice and meant it each time. I spent all my adult life living up to that oath. I'll do it now.

commoncents said...

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Tim R said...


What better word to describe the situation we have now!

Thank you for posting

CorbinKale said...

Eloquent and accurate, Robert. Thank you for your service, and thank you for taking a stand to honor your Oath.


Anonymous said...

Great post, Robert, and thanks for your service. I was in the USAF but got out before Viet Nam started coming to a boil, as it were. The closest I came to any action was the Cuban Missile Crisis.

I have always felt that the oath to protect and defend doesn't expire with a discharge. My old rifle might not be quite as good as an AK-47, but I can still hit things with it. My advice to anyone of the mindset that I shouldn't have it is, in the above superb eloquence of General McAuliffe, "Nuts!"

Normal American people aren't of a temperament to abide with socialism. George Soros and his comrades are on a fool's errand.

Lew Waters said...

This Viet Nam Vet agrees, we have become what we were sent to fight back then. We have become what many others before and after us stood up against during "Cold War" years.

I too never recanted my oath of enlistment, nor will I ever.

We must take a stand now, if our children and grandchildren are to enjoy the freedoms and liberties we did as children.

Anonymous said...

I signed in as anonymous because I wasn't sure what the rest of the options were...My name is Ray and I live on a ranch in Oregon.

I am a USN Viet Nam Vet....Enlisted when I was 17...Have always been proud of my country and my service for my country....

What is being done with our country is a Travisty...Politicians with many adjendas have been diminishing the value of our Sacred Constitution for decades....and shaping it slowly and carefully toward Socialism now Marxism...the reason is clear....connect the dots....provide everything for the people until they all enter the trap..then close the trap and they've got a country full of slaves.

Then they can do what they want with the slaves....

I'm not going to be a slave to a Marxist Ruler.

I'm not going to give up the freedom that was earned for me by all my courageous Patriot Brothers that have given their lives so we could enjoy our freedoms...

I will stand fast with my Patriot Brothers against any force that attempts to take our Sacred Freedoms from us....

As I was writing this a Bald Eagle flew within 50 ft of the window I'm facing...I think that was a message from God.........

Be strong in your hearts...Your not alone....Keep your radar on....


Anonymous said...

I am W. Pullen, My oath still stands. I was in the Coast Guard, Was a Firefighter for 30 years, and also served as a Police Officer. I have spent my whole life trying to protect my countrymen in one way or anouther. I will not deny my duty to the Constitution now when it seems that the country needs it most. God forbid it should come to a physical defense of our freedom, but should it come to that I stand ready to defend Liberty in any way I am able. I am almost 80 years old, but will contribute in any way I can.

erik said...

i posted before,,my text got garbled,,,hadda lotta doubts whether my oath actually was worthy of retention these last few years,,,,we all can be confused the constitution, to the people of the USA,,to freedom and liberty, my oath, reaffirmed by myself,,shall be with me til i ets this planet..screw the gummint,,for MY COUNTRY,,,SUA SPONTE,,theres a lot of us around

Big Bear said...

I hear milksop liberals quacking as to how the military would disarm the American public if their leader mandated it. I remind them of the soldier's oath to the Constitution, not liars who are elected on (phony) promises to defend it and then go on to serve their true masters. For too long, we have allowed subversives to have their way. No more!!

David Ben-Ariel said...

May God bless our soldiers to keep the oath and resist those who refuse to keep the oath.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I entered at 18. I enlisted because it was the right thing to do. My grandfather was in WWI, my dad in Korea, me in Vietnam. I felt it was my duty to fight for my country. I did my best and never let my dad or grandfather down. I left when my job was done.

I left the service and became a police officer. I served in some of the worst neighborhoods in America for 26 years. I did my best. I left when my job was done.

Now I'm a public school teacher. I tell my students everyday how fortunated they are to be Americans.

I took the oath twice. I never recanted and did my part. I won't step away now.