Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oath Keepers On The Air

The Oath Keepers Declaration of Orders We WILL Not Obey has caused a fire-storm of interest in this effort. (click the highlighted text above to read the full declaration with detailed explanation). The major online news site, World Net Daily, now has a special feature article on Oath Keepers.

And Stewart Rhodes, founder and spokesman of Oath Keepers, has been invited to appear as a guest on several radio shows. He was on
Devvy Kid: today March 17th 6pm pacific. And he will be on the G. Gordon Liddy Show, Wed March 18th 7:30 am pacific, 10:30 am eastern:

Go here to listen live online

We are in discussion with a few other shows on possible appearance dates.
Oath Keepers to be on G. Gordon Liddy Show

They all want to hear about what we Oath Keepers (and that means you too!) are up to. We are tremendously grateful to them for stepping up and helping us spread the Oath Keepers message.

Tune in, call in, and spread the word!

And we have another very exciting development in the works that we will probably announce tomorrow (Wed).

Together, we WILL win the battle for the hearts and minds of our troops!

Oath Keepers
"Not on Our Watch!"


Anonymous said...

Totally friggin awesome! The G man! That's one mean looking man there!

Anonymous said...

Oath Keepers - Fill up Glenn Beck's inbox (on his radio show's webpage). Let's get this on Fox!

Anonymous said...

Question about OWWNO #8: Does Blackwater (or whatever they have decided to call themselves now) or other private, for profit local armies count as "foreign troops on U.S. soil"?

Anonymous said...

listened to the Devvy show today, that was absolutely beautiful. Thank you. Mr. Rhodes is very eloquent and very informed. Excellent!

Anonymous said...

Not sure where this comment should go; I'd
really like to know what the music is that
is the score for the video.
I'm sure I'm not the only one who envisions
this as part of a half-time show (with perhaps
one or two slides elided)
Then I wondered: would the GFW PTBs in the
schools/colleges object? I looked again and
I *think* one could do quite a bit of it without any scary guns.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I'm sending the video to the band director
of my alma mater.
Also, can the video be adapted to be shown
on community public service television (don't
know much about that, but I believe it's
available in many locations.

Greg said...

I was wounded but I can still defend , count me in! I took the oath too and plan on keeping it.

g i j said...

Thank you Greg-if you have a full testimony email it in or if you can film one and sens it all the better!
Glad to have you aboard.
We're burning the midnight oil here reading through testimonies.

G. I. J, oathkeepers

fmr.sgt.hampton.usarmy said...

sad to say that only within the last few years have i really been watching what is happening to the country and to the attacks on our precious constitution.yes i have been asleep at the wheel but not anymore.the real monster in this wonderful nation has raised its ugly head and he now believes that it is time to take over and redefine our country.he thinks that reblooded americans are ripe for the picking and the masses will go lockstep into any plan that is proposed by him will be applauded and signed onto without any dispute.he really believes that those of us who are older will just fall right into his trap but as sure as i believe the sun will come up tomorrow,as we say down south THAT DOG WON'T HUNT.i'm prepared to do just as i was 40 years ago and that is to protect my country against all enemies foreign and domestic.i am preparing myself and my family to be ready to sacrifice any and all to keep this sovereign nation in tact just the way our forfathers designed it and band together with like friends and family to do all we can to repell this enemy.GOD bless all of you involved in oath-keepers and we will be victorious.

Anonymous said...

Department of Defense Directive 1404.10
DoD Civilian Expeditionary Workforce


I think that this is going to be developed together with the National Service bill (used to recruit) in relation to Obama and Emmanuel's plans for a civilian militia under the control of the president that could be asked to do what the military would not do. See: http://oath-keepers.blogspot.com/

Please note especially in the first paragraph "support of combat operations" and "restoration of order." Note on bottom of page 2, "deployment tours"--2 years (then 90 days off with possible recall).