Saturday, March 21, 2009

Honor and Guts: Vietnam Combat Vet Speaks Out On the Need to Stand Up in Defense of Our Constitution

101st Airborne - the "Screaming Eagle"

About time! I had about given up hope that there were still people in this country with the Honor & Guts to stand up and be counted when it came to defending the very Document that created this great Nation we love. I cannot begin to express the pride & pleasure in finding out that there are so many of us that still believe in the sacredness of the oath we made to support the Constitution of These United States.

It is my greatest Honor to join you, my Brothers in Arms, to follow in the footsteps of our Founders in pledging my Life, my Fortune & my Sacred Honor to this Cause.

When the Call goes out, count me in. I may be getting "old & decrepit", but I'm still a "dead-shot".

It's time to say "Enough is enough!!!" to the Powers That Be who are, on a daily basis, trying to tear apart & adulterize the very Foundation of our Country, the Constitution, in their power hungry attempts to plant their boots on the necks of the American People & way of life.

As for an idea of my background, I'm the eldest of an Army family. My Step-father was an Infantry 1SGT who'd served in WWII, Korea & Viet Nam. I spent 7 years in the Army (first half of it as an Intel Analyst in Nam & the second half as a Tank Commander at Ft. Hood & in Germany) and 6 years in the Navy as a HM2 (Corpsman/MedLabTech).

My tour in Nam was mainly at Phu Bai & points north. After being stationed at the 8th RRFS/Phu Bai, I requested transfer to our DSU with the 101st ABN/AMBL at Camp Eagle. Note: I was NO
T drafted...I enlisted. I also requested orders for Nam coming out of AIT & I requested assignment to the 101st both for the same reason....I believed in what we were doing.

I just want to make sure that it's understood that I wasn't an 11Bush (ground pounder/grunt). I did my part. I especially enjoyed calling in arty strikes on the fixes we'd get from our ARDF (airborne radio direction finding ) units we had flying in our AO, but I'd like it understood that I didn't have it as rough as our guys who were in the thick of it. Those guys deserve all the respect we can give them for the job they did.

Note: I'm standing just to the right of the Company Guidon.

Needless to say, while there, I had my eyes opened as to the REAL government of these United States and it is NOT the government our Fore Fathers intended. And everything I've seen in my life since then has just verified what I'd learned. It's time to go back to our roots, to the Constitutions and all it entails.

I'm part of that generation that remembers what happened in the world the last century and it MUST NOT be allowed to happen in America today. Our decedents MUST have a better future in store for them than what today's Powers That Be have in mind for them.

God Bless America

William Ward
Nam Vet (98C-ASA; 11E-2d AD)


Anonymous said...

Great Thoughts!!! I was never in the military but, I believe those that are and were, will always be better than those who were not. Just my thought. I am an intense student of history and see exactly the same things you are seeing. If Americans don't become better students of history we will surely repeat it, with all the failures that it includes. Let's learn from it! Thank you for your service to our country!!!!

Anonymous said...

"When the Call goes out, count me in. I may be getting "old & decrepit", but I'm still a "dead-shot"."

Yep, a "dangerous old man"! Don't count em out! God bless you, and especially for being willing to stand and serve yet again, so many years later. How many other older vets will still do so? Millions, I think. Our veterans are truly a "sleeping Giant." And God have mercy on those who finally wake them up and piss them off.