Saturday, March 21, 2009

Active Duty SWAT Team Member


I promise to keep the oath I swore to. I will protect the Constitution of the United States and I will protect my family and others from those who wish to destroy our way of life and take away the rights given to us.

I am a SWAT member and peace officer for the state which I live and my allegiance is to the US Constitution and my fellow Americans, not the socialist politicians we have attempting to take over our country and ruin our way of life and the way of life for future generations.

God Bless.



CorbinKale said...

Thank you, Daniel. I am relieved to hear from the SWAT community. If SWAT teams refuse to engage people, who are refusing to comply with unconstitutional laws, we will all be much better for it.

straightarrow said...

And if they will quit kicking in doors when ringing the doorbell will work better.

Anonymous said...

It is nice to know there are places where they still do knock; at the insistence of folks like Mr. Fagen.

Danny Vestal said...

Our corrupt government and media have misled our military and citizens (as Hitler misled the German people). Our military and citizens don't know the wars they are fighting are illegal according to US and International law. Obama, Gates, Congress are making the military into War Criminals. Obama, Gates, Bush, Congress, etc. are War Criminals - treasonous, murderous fascists, have been for years!

The military needs to be informed and file 138's and lawsuits on Obama, Gates and Congress, etc.

Thank you,
Danny Vestal

Anonymous said...

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