Saturday, March 21, 2009

30 Years in the Navy

I served this Nation for 30 years in US Navy. The concepts, and statements within this Blog, epitomize precisely what so many of us who served over time, and who are now serving today feel about the transformation being crammed down our throats by those in power in Gov today.

These are elements who have lost sight of just who they serve, and who can hold them in check. It might be very difficult for the Populace in this great nation to stand up against an Unrestrained unchecked all powerful Government, were it not for the 2nd Amendment, and the understanding our military serves the Constitution and the People. Not politicians.

In your Blog, you have absolutely captured these concepts
100%, and this former MasterChief Petty Officer thanks you very much.

R Adler

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Kevin Z said...

Welcome aboard, glad to have you.