Thursday, March 26, 2009

Combat Infantry Vet Says Count Him in for FREEDOM & LIBERTY

Our Fore Fathers were not only true patriarchs and freedom fighters, but were Godly men who sought for instruction and guidance from God above to lead this Great nation. They sacrificed lands, family, and sometimes even their own life to stand for what they believed in and to give us the liberty and freedoms that so many take advantage of today. It was once said that our first President, President George Washington spent countless hours on his knees in prayer asking God to give him wisdom in leading this Great Nation. I believe the Declaration of Independence was written "for the people" and "by the people" to establish and guide our Government, and not the other way around. Long has it been since any leaders of this country have truly sought for such instruction or guidance in doing what is best for this country and by God, but only for what would benefit them and the rest of the crooked politicians.

When I took my oath in May of 1990 to defend this country against "all enemies foreign and domestic", Never did I think I would see the day come that it could be domestic. The leadership of our Government has steered this country in the wrong direction and has put us on the verge of civil unrest. How can I teach my Soldiers (much less my children) the true meaning of LEADERSHIP: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage when the very Government we have elected show none of these values.

As an Infantry veteran of 19 years with both an Iraq and Afghanistan tour, and currently preparing to go back to Iraq, I find myself in an awkward position many times. I truly believe in what we are doing in both countries, but can read the writing on the wall for what is to become of our own country if we continue down the path we are being led. Never in my military career have I seen such uncertainty and doubt within our Armed Forces of the leadership of this Government. What is to become of our nation if "God Forbid" that day comes when our own military is used against the American people for any reason? How will our military react? What orders will they follow or not follow?

It is truly Great to know there are so many other Brothers and Sisters in arms that are willing to once again make a sacrifice like our Fore Fathers did and stand for what is Right!! Thank you for this web site and the opportunity to share my feelings and beliefs.

You can count me in for FREEDOM & LIBERTY!!!!!


Command Sergeant Major



Dave Freeman said...

Welcome Aboard, Sergeant Major.

Your testimonial is truly inspiring, the men and women you command are fortunate to have a leader like yourself. I'll never forget my First Sergeant -E8(Young) in the 35th Combat Engineers Bn (Ft. Lewis, WA 1960 - 1963 he too was a man we would have walked through fire for) God bless and keep you safe.

CorbinKale said...

CSM Ogle,

You are the type of Senior NCO that will bring this nation through the coming conflicts. Thank God there are honorable patriots like you in active service. The troops will have good guidance under your leadership.

Moozle said...

CSM, 20 years. Fast burner brother! As you are now unburdoned with the need for promotion, it is easier to speak up in a more unvarnished fashion. Even so, watch your six, as we AF types say. Feel free to look me up for a beer or maybe a hunting trip up here in AK, whether this crap blows over or not.

Jon Watts, SMSgt, USAF, (ret.)
North Pole, Alaska

Hulagu Khan said...

Command Sergeant Major, I would just like to Thank You for your service and sacrifice for this Nation, It would be a Honor and privilege to stand with men and women like you and the Oath keepers to defend this nation. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
Keep your powder dry.

CaptGooch said...

Command Sergeant Major Ogle,

Please allow me to express my Thanks for your Service as well.
You do yourself, We the People, The Army and your Country Proud.

Well Done Sir and Thank You.