Thursday, March 26, 2009

How to Join

Many people have asked how to join.

And many people have asked if they can join even if they have never taken the oath.

We are open to all.

We'll have a more formal membership later but for now, simply email us telling us you want to join the ranks and include whatever level of information you feel comfortable giving (if you want to be J Doe at 123 anon street that's fine with us.) If you have a testimonial you'd like to share, email it along with any photos or emblems you'd like posted with it.

Yes, we are backlogged but, happily, we are catching up.

Soon we will have challenge coins, patches, bumper stickers etc. In the mean time, feel free to print anything on here and put our link on it.

And sign in at our new message board, after registering, scroll way down the main page to partner sites and click Oath-Keepers.


Anonymous said...

What I need is a one-page summary with a
few good graphics. HTML or Pdf, ready to
print. (The list of OWWNO might go on the
reverse side, as an option. )

Graphics and layout are not my metier

Anonymous said...

Oh, I need that as of last week or so. :-)

Anonymous said...

I might or might not be useful to recall
the variant reading of Simonides' epigram
on the heroes at Thermopyle, which is
available on Wikipedia:

νομίμοις for ῥήμασι πειθόμενοι; i.e., substitutes "laws" for "sayings."

Nomimois eithomenoi "we are obeying
the laws" as opposed to "rhemasi"
sayings. I don't know what "orders"
as opposed to laws might be in Classical
Greek offhand. Also the transliteration
above is my approximation.

I *think* the future indicative of
peithO would be peisometha (plural)
but I'm not quite positive.

Right now I don't have a Latin rendering.

Oath Keepers said...

When the more traditional site is up, we will have easily downloaded/printed fliers and brochures posted there.

Meanwhile, email us at and we will email you some.

christian soldier said...

Thanks to MR at IBA- I found your site!

You are- now -on my blog's favorites list---
Thank you - all - for your service to the United States ...and for the encouragement that our service members will not turn on us in the US...
Praying for the best for you at this site...

Trish said...

Keep up the good work! We are Americans and we need to continually remind ourselves how industrious we can prove to be!

Come to our West Chester Tea Party!

Anonymous said...

Please make "business-cards" part of the Oath Keepers printed be able to have hundreds of "Oath Keepers Cards" to hand out anywhere you go would be a powerful tool to widen and strengthen the movement. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL!!