Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Army Veteran Understands Resolve

Hey guys,

In 1967 I raised my hand and took the oath to protect and defend as I joined the US Army. I took that oath three more times.

From what I see, many of those to day just mumble those words without regards to their meaning or have no idea as to how our country was formed and what the Founding Fathers and all the men and women of their time gave up and were risking.

Please do not take this the wrong way because I have to know just how serious you are. Do you know what that oath means? As I said, no insult intended with the question.

At night I sit here and at time feel tears of frustration fall on my cheeks as I see what is happening to my country. It is not the country that my father taught me to love, politically. It is only what my father taught me and my own belief system that keeps me from pulling a weapon and going John Wayne, Audy Murphy or Davy Crockett.

A friend sent the youtube video this morning and I find I cannot get it out of my head several hours later. I like to think that Glenn Beck and others like him are looking out for those of us who still think the United States of America is a divine inspiration of our Founding Fathers and worth putting their lives on the line for those principles it was founded on.


James E. McMullen, III
AKA Rightwing Cowboy

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CaptGooch said...

Welcome James,

We're glad to have you join us.
I feel only too well the frustration you speak of.
I am hopeful that the national attention we are going to be getting on the 19th of April will be instrumental in Real Change in Washington.
Just for the time being let us try words and diplomacy rather than the Audy Murphy option.

Be welcome and help us spread the word.