Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Active Duty Police Officer and Retired Navy Veteran

After serving in the Navy from 90 to 93 on board the USS Blue Ridge I became a Police Officer and Im still on the force.

Not only will I refuse any unlawful order that violates the Constitution I will fight the tyrants that give the orders.

Rest assured that me and my brothers in Law Enforcement talk about this subject on a regular basis. About 80% feel the same way I do.

I ask the "rookies" that when it comes down to the "nut cutting" who's side will you be on, the founding fathers who made this Country so great or the tyrants that are in power now? I took the Oath twice and will uphold it two fold.

God bless America!

Collin Conerly


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the awakening!
The Thin Blue Line must never be breached by those who would turn the publics defenders against them.



Anonymous said...

Count me in as a veteran(took the oath) and gun owner. It's a good start, but not only must we not obey those unlawful orders, we need to undermine unconstitutional orders, laws and rulings as well. That is defending the constitution. It may be costly, but if you're here, hopefully you believe it's more costly to let the constitution be undermined.

CorbinKale said...

I have talked to many policemen about this. Most say they will follow orders, because they have a family to take care of. They don't want to risk their pension.

When Police speak out in support of Law and freedom, as you have, I take heart! Thank you!


Anonymous said...