Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I will educate all of the new soldiers I put in to the 10 orders

Oath Keepers,

I am an active duty soldier serving in the Army for 7 and one half years. I have served two tours in Iraq. I joined the Army because I wanted to give something back to my country. I wanted to serve, but for the past couple of years I have realized that something is not as it should be with the way things are being done in our nation. Throughout all of my research I had become disheartened with all of this and was beginning to feel disenfranchised with my service.

I felt alone.

Today I stumbled upon your organization and felt a profound sense of relief. I AM NOT ALONE! Right now I am a recruiter in central Illinois. Can you imagine how hard it is to do that job with my beliefs about the state of our nation? I will take the pledge and I will educate all of the new soldiers I put in to the 10 orders that should never be obeyed.

Thank you for creating this. Hopefully in the near future I can become more active in this organization. I feel a glimmer of hope in my heart again.

Thank You,


daddynoz said...

No offense to the principled and committed SGT E, but he might want to speak with legal counsel prior to such a PUBLIC commitment to the "10 orders".

This site and those that support the intent should be extremely wary of what we ask of the ACTIVE duty Soldiers and the dire liabilities that they have IAW DOD policy and the UCMJ.

My two cents,

1SG Nosworthy

Anonymous said...

No this is a brave man, we should all be so lucky for him to stand up and inform others ASAP. Time is short, God bless you sir, tell them all about oath keepers... Now is not the time to be cowards...

Anonymous said...

not to be cowards sorry lol

Anonymous said...

"I am not alone!"

The first time I viewed July4Patroit's first video, two thoughts immediately hit me. The first was, "My God! He gets it!" and the second was, "I am not alone."

You are not alone, SGT E. I suspect that there are millions of us out there, many of whom may still think they are alone.

Thank you for joining and thank you for your service.


daddynoz said...

Uhuh, I find it interesting and troubling that CIVILIANS, who from the comfort of their homes, can be so quick and sure of the tact to use ACTIVE DUTY SOLDIERS to ends without consideration for the consequences.

If SGT E is found guilty of non-compliance with regulations and punished IAW the Uniform Code of Military Justice, are YOU going to support his family if seperated from service or perhaps go to Leavenworth with the young man? No, of course not...of course not.

It might behoove yourselves to be reminded that this Consitutional crisis is not semantics, not an intellectual challenge, not a distant war in a faraway land seen on your is here and now, and some of us are more vulnerable to harm due to our professions.

My aren't you folks quick to praise the Sergeant's character and bravery...and simultaneously show absolutely no concern for his welfare. Odd, truly odd and disappointing.

BTW, that's about a nickels worth,

-1SG Nosworthy

Anonymous said...

Seargent E. should be careful...

By supporting such, he could face a court martial or have significant trouble in the ranks that he'd be forced to deal with.

Consult all legal expertise on any decision you make seargent and leave nothing to chance.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry it came off that way, But please be careful our hearts are with you oath keepers...

Anonymous said...

My hat is off to you, son. I used to be SGT F, but now after 23+ years, I am LTC F. And I am so sick of gutless, politically correct officers and NCOs who don't take their official oaths as seriously as you and I. Yes, you do have to be careful and wary of those who value their own careers and promotion potential more than the greater good of our Constitution and the rights that real patiriots before us fought and died for. Yes, do be careful of back stabbers and politically correct snitches who would rat you out for a kudo from a superior who surrounds himself with yes-men.

But do your homework and don't get yourself in trouble. People like us can't make a difference if we go too far out on a limb. Follow the letter of the law, and stay one step ahead!


Noway2no said...

the thing is we are all out on a limb and the tree is being cut down.

This situation has been brought upon us by people who wish this country harm. The line has been drawn and there is no middle ground.

CaptGooch said...

I am a Viet Nam era Navy vet and 25 year Officer in the U.S. Merchant Marine. [Licensed as Master {Captain} by the USCG]

I can see both sides here and 1st Sgt Nosworthy makes a good point.
Care must be taken by those in harness it is true BUT I think that Lt Col F makes an even better point. In My Humble Opinion.
It wasn't the "keep your head down" crowd that defended this country when the local government attempted to disarm the people the first time. [1760's The Redcoats were the local government at the time Not an invading foreign force. We were all Brits at that time.]
If we don't step up and make ourselves known then we have done exactly nothing have we ?

Sergeant E,
Use every opportunity to teach the recruits you enlist the real meaning of the oath they are about to take and More Power to you for it.
Meanwhile .... Do be aware that there are, as the LTC rightly points out, back stabbers who would sell out their own families for some real or perceived temporary benefit.
Damn their eyes.

Stay Frosty.

For the Republic