Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Vet Ordered to Remove Marine Corps Bumper Stickers

Read comments on the video here.

Read an article on it here.


E. McKinney said...

*sigh* Don't think this is an isolated case. This is happening more and more everyday all across America.

John Lee, Hollywood winner said...

Time to take em out back for a whuppin.

Wayne Conrad said...

Were I his neighbor, my car would suddenly sport eight Marine Corp bumper stickers. Let them fine everyone.

M. Tessier said...

This is an exampel of the sickness that is spreading across this country. We must stand up to the oppresion!

Anonymous said...

There's an update to this story here: http://www.myfoxhouston.com/dpp/news/national/dpgo_Vet_Overwhelmed_by_Exposure_fc_20090601_2527778

And, Hello.

I'm a civilian, a US citizen, born in Texas, as was my dad and his dad before him. I've lived all but one of my 45 years in Dallas county. We've always been at least a little different here in Texas, somewhat rebellious and, in some ways, a bit more independent or freedom-loving than some of our neighbors in other parts of the country. We're definitely more conservative, generally (they say a Democrat in Texas is identical to a Northeast Republican).

If you'd told me just a couple of years ago that what is happening now in this country would happen during my lifetime, I'd have thought you were full of sh!t. Forget convincing me it was coming within the next couple of years. Further, I've never been one to buy into conspiracy theories, to look for the worst or to think with pessimism.

Yet since last summer/fall, I've been nagged by a feeling of impending doom, that something big and awful is about to happen. I finally shared this feeling and, to back it up, the news I can glean from outside the sugar-coated BS the MSM feeds us with my boyfriend. Having been friends since high school and therefore knowing that I'm no Chicken Little, he believes me and we're taking steps necessary, preparing for what may (most likely will) soon take place. Without going into unnecessary and foolish detail here, let's just say we'll be marching with you if it comes to that.

On the brighter side, well, you in the military and law enforcement are the brighter side. Your words of commitment to the oath(s) you've taken help calm my fears and the sacrifices you've made, so so many with their very lives, help strengthen my resolve as an American and a Constitutionalist.

Like you, I hope that your numbers, supplemented by us non-military/law enforcement folks who pledge our commitment to the Constitution and The People, will be enough to prevent or stop any plans of action by those who'd like to abolish our Constitution and Country. Just the same, while I hope for the best, I'll prepare for the worst.

Incidentally, or coincidentally, my eldest nephew and the reason for my chosen handle, turned 18 last week and enlisted in the Navy. He's said since he was just a little guy that he was going into the armed services when he finishes high school. Funny how some people seem born to serve our country, isn't it? I think he'll make an excellent soldier. Of course, I'm very worried for him but I'm also very proud of him. And I do plan to send him the link to this site so, as young as he is, he'll know the right thing to do if that time and situation should come for him.

Again, although it's not the purpose of Oath Keepers and this site, I thank you so much for your public declaration of commitment to your oath to Country and Constitution. I can't say that I'm worthy of it but I can say that I'm very grateful for it.

Yours truly,

O.K. said...


Thank you very much for your comment and your faith in us. We will do all we can, to the utmost extent of our power, to make your fears prove to be unfounded. Let's pray it is so.

Oath Keepers