Friday, June 19, 2009

Testimonial of Rex H. McTyeire; Maj, US Army Special Forces (ret)

Request permission to Come Aboard

Hi People;

Congrats on getting this off the ground. I am Rex H. McTyeire; Maj, US Army Special Forces (ret). I will hit 60 this year; and I am appalled at the direction of things lately, nationwide. I can’t do as much as I used to, but I am a bright old fart: have PC, can write, organize, and communicate. I am here in Gaffney SC.. wishing to be of assistance. (The current local town Police Chief is my Bro-In Law.)

How can I help and participate? I am politically active internationally in the Independence for Scotland movement ..and an elected member of the Scottish Independence Convention as a US citizen of Scot descent. Then I discovered there was a threat to my own Independence. NOMW!! (Not On My Watch. :-).

[NOTE: Go here to read an article Major McTyeire wrote for the Winter 1990 issue of Special Warfare, entitled Operations and Intelligence: Keeping Pace With Special Forces Missions].

COMMENT FROM OATH KEEPERS: No permission necessary, Sir! We suspect you have been an oath keeper since 1967. Your knowledge, experience, and abilities would be absolutely invaluable to our efforts - and mustang SF officers are especially most welcome.

We are actively looking for official Oath Keepers representatives/organizers in each state, so if you are interested in serving in that capacity, please let us know. We would also welcome articles from you. And please encourage your police chief brother-in-law to get involved as well.

If you have a Tea Party in your area on July 4, please consider speaking on behalf of Oath Keepers at that event and conducting an oath ceremony. If you decide to arrange that, let us know and we will announce it on the board and give you any assistance you may need.

It's time for all of us to do whatever we can.

De Oppresso Liber!

OK you Navy, Marine, and Air Force guys, you need to get busy! We have seen a two star Army General step up, and now a Special Forces Major. The Army is putting you guys to shame!


Michael Follon said...


(Hope you don't mind me using your first name), I came across your blog post and my attention was drawn to what you wrote in the second paragraph about Scottish Independence. I'd be interested to know your thoughts and suggestions for promoting the cause of Scottish Independence at an international level, particularly in the United States.

I have my own blog (I'm not a prolific blogger) The 'Sanitization' of Scottish History at A few months ago I wrote a guest post, Understanding Scottish Independence for New England Tartan Day Initiative
( Click on Understanding Scottish Independence under the HOT LINKS. The post appears in a Scribd window therefore you may need Adobe Flash Player on your computer.

Michael Follon

Mike Florey said...

Welcome aboard Major,
I'm of a mind that us old farts can still move, shoot and communicate. Come on over to the forum. You're in for quite a reception. This old Jarhead is happy to see you here.
Semper Fidelis
Mike Florey

CorbinKale said...

Good to have you! You are most welcome here!

Thank you, for your past and future service to the Constitution.

CaptGooch said...

I will echo the Welcomes Major.

It is good to have another old fart around here so Elias and I don't feel so danged Ancient.

If you fire up that PC let your fingers walk you right on over to our oath keepers forum.
[ ]

Then you could turn it towards chatting up the Sheriff's in your state then the next one and the next one.
Sheesh I've been busier since I "retired" than I ever was working.
How did that happen ?

Important stuff to do ... saving our Constitutional Republic for my [our] grand kids.

Meanwhile let me repeat Welcome aboard Major McTyeire.

BTW Gooch is Welsh. It means Red in Cymreag. [Welsh]

For the Republic