Wednesday, May 6, 2009

You can count on this old Marine to have your 'six'.

I am a combat Marine and Vietnam Veteran. I last wore the uniform almost forty years ago, I was honorably discharged from my Marine Corps almost thirty-seven years back. I was never 'relieved' of the oath I swore to protect and defend country and Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, nor have I ever desired to be.

I applaud this initiative, and will do all in my power to support it.

You can count on this old Marine to have your 'six'.

J.D. 'Duke' Schechter
Sergeant of Marines - 1966 until transferred to MCB Pearly Gates


CaptGooch said...

Welcome aboard 'Duke'.

Help us spread the message to all you know. Numbers are our friends.
The more of us there are the less likely we will have to use our "skills" to stop the "hostile takeover" being foisted off on us.

God Willing we can turn this thing around without the sticky stuff But it is looking less and less likely all the time.

For the Republic

Maggador IX-777 said...

Great material - keep it up!

There is still good out there to bless you on your path, just follow your intuition!