Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I gave my word then and stand by it today.

August 27, 1970 @ 1:35 pm:

I Jesse Earl Mayo do hereby solemnly swear to PROTECT and DEFEND the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, FOREIGN and DOMESTIC, so help me God!

I gave my word then and stand by it today.

Please add me to the list.

Thank you.

Jesse Earl Mayo


cheryl belford said...

Thank you jesse for serving our country and for keeping youe oath. God Bless you.

O.K. said...

Jesse, thank you! Jesse is also known as YeOldFurt, the Texan who orchestrated an oath ceremony at Gonzales Texas on April 19.

Hey Jesse, any chance of you and your crew getting up to Washington DC on June 13?

We need to go there and give em a piece of our mind, right there in the belly of the beast.


Anonymous said...

That's a thought, tho we might just have to send a "representative":). I'll work on it.

Anonymous said...

First off, everybody here needs to wake up. You're speaking out of your asses, every one of you.

The Constitution of No Effect is a document (look it up) that you should ALL read. Because of this fact (you did not sign it, nor did this government sign it, under contractual law, it is null and void), nobody in the United States of America is "under the Constitution".

It is a sham document, meant (these days) to bamboozle you guys into giving up your life, liberty and FREEDOM in the illusion that you are 'defending' the Constition (which you could not possibly do if deployed overseas, but that is another story).

Most of you guys are unbelievably ignorant of history and fact. Do yourselves a favor and understand that you have been fooled since birth, most everyone has. But there are some very smart people who have researched this claim and found it to be true.

I did not sign the Constitution, and am under absolutely NO OBLIGATION to 'defend it' (nor will I). This is why Bush declared it a "goddamned piece of paper" because in effect, that is exactly what it is. It's no different then a rental contract that YOU never signed, it has no bearing on you WHATSOEVER.

Therefore, the U.S. Government can declare this "piece of paper" to be whatever the hell they want - and often do, to your detriment, to the loss of your freedom, you liberty and your very lives. You've been bamboozled into believing that "giving your life for the Constitution" is going to help make you or someone else "free". This has NEVER been true and it's damned important that all of you understand this.

I will not "defend the Constition", but I will however, defend my inalienable rights. These are not dependent upon a piece of paper, are not revocable by ANYONE and do not require a "CONSTITUTION". They exist in every country of the world and are not unique to Americans.

Once, I was a military soldier and I then "swore" to defend the American Constitution. But then I came to realize that this document did not apply to me, nor does it apply to anyone else (which is why they ignore it) and that under law, they can 'define' the Constitution to be whatever the hell they say it is.

The gradual encroachment upon the Constitution is well-understood (if you know case law) and it is for this very reason that this document is not what you all think it is (it is not inalienable).

This is a no-win situation. You are not bound by a document you did not sign, period. Giving your life for something that is of no effect and can be interpreted any which way depending on the blowing wind is quite plainly, stupid beyond belief. Better you die for your INALIENABLE RIGHTS which are not subject to the interpretation and definition of the court, cannot be revoked and cannot be "granted".