Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Video Testimony of Retired Police Captain Chauncey Normandin after Muster on Lexington Green, April 19, 2009

Below is the video testimonial of Chauncey Normandin, an Army veteran and retired Massachusetts police Captain with 27 years of service under his belt (now retired to Florida).

We met Chauncey for the first time over the weekend of April 18 and 19 when we all gathered for the Committees of Safety and Oath Keepers muster on the Lexington Green. Chauncey was key in arranging the presence of a Lexington police detail to ensure that the gathering on the Green was not disturbed. At this critical stage of our young organization, we also benefited from Chauncey's sage advice and hard learned wisdom (learned by means of the school of hard knocks). He is a key organizer of the Defenders Motorcycle Club, which is a club for current and former police officers that is growing fast.
Insignia of the Defenders Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, who's members are current serving and former police - now how's that for an insignia! You should see their challenge coins!

In the above video Chauncey speaks about the importance of the oath - about how its not enough to be just an oath taker, you have to also be an Oath Keeper - and why he has joined Oath Keepers. He also states the sad truth that the biggest reason we are where we are today as a country is because our parents, and then we too, were so focused on making ends meet and making a living that we did not pay enough attention to our Republic, and we have nearly lost it. But, as he says, we can still turn it around.

Chauncey Normandin is what a police officer should be, and we are honored that he has joined us. Dave Freeman and I look forward to his active participation in Oath Keepers, both in Florida and nationally, and we will greatly value his advice as we plot our course.

As he said, "if we all do nothing more than fulfill our oath, then we can turn things around just on that alone." Well said.

For the Republic!

Stewart Rhodes

PS - we are still working out what our membership policy will be. A post on that is coming soon.

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Anonymous said...

Having been former military, and federal law enforcement I can tell all who read this, our government is our biggest enemy.

In the Army, when I was in Special Operations we trained federal law enforcement in ways to subdue civilian populations. As a federal law enforcement officer sub-dueing the public was daily business.

I left federal service bacause of the blantant disregard of the American citizens by the federal gov't on a daily basis.

I then became a FFL holder selling firearms to police, both federal and the 80's after I left federal enforcement position.

Now with my record you can imagine how clean my past was.

In the 80's, late 90's, the ATF started Operation Store Front where they targeted FFL holders with military and or police backgrounds. Those of us with such backgrounds were investigated, charged, jailed, and imprisoned just as those that are today under the Patriot Act.

The NRA didn't help us, our nation didn't help us, and our family's were helpless.

This started in the 80's under Clinton and has just been started all over again with Obama.

The ATF and FBI were just getting their teeth wet in the 80's.