Thursday, May 28, 2009

Testimonial of Marine, National Guard vet and Current Serving Army Reserve SGT Tomas A Dunn

I started my oath back in the summer of 1983 prior to my service into the Marines, since then my journey has taken me in to Nebraska National Guard and later into the Army Reserves. I never once forgot my oath I was just telling others months ago that all who served swore a oath. To defend the constitution. I will do what it takes to defend it. I never realized then back in 83 that this oath would take me until the day I die. But the bottom line is I am privileged to have taken that oath. It was probably one of the most important promises I have taken in my life. I could not make it to the Lexington Green. I wish I could have but I couldn't. But let me reassure you that you have my honor and continued service to which I re affirm. Add me to your ranks. I will uphold the oath. To my God, Country, Family and Constitution. Count me in.

USMC 1984-88
Nebraska National Guard 1988-2000
USAR 2005-present
OIF 2007-2008

SGT Tomas A Dunn

PS - It is a honor be called back into service. If you need anything from this side of the country (Nebraska) let me know I will do what I can. Some are afraid of repercussions from even admitting such things but I am not. I am who I am like the rest of you, we are who we are, And I am proud of that fact. So I will gladly with honor stand beside my brothers and sisters to defend out Principles that we hold so dearly close.


Alida Antonia Cornelius said...

Hmmm, I came back to this site and for some reason can't find all the comments. I was waiting for an answer to my question whether Oath Keepers was a registered non-profit and if the donations were tax exempt.
Can you tell me?


CaptGooch said...

You originally asked your question on the longest comments page we have the Orders we will Not Obey page.

None the less I will repost my response from there to here.
CaptGooch said ....

Alida Antonia Cornelius said...
This site seems to want to stir up discontent. And if it's not a non-profit, then who is going to make the bucks from it?
Read this blog about whether "revolution is nigh".
I mention Oath Keepers in it.
May 28, 2009 4:42 AM

Thank You for the advertising.

Oath Keepers is not about "stirring up discontent". We are about Honoring our Oath to the Constitution.
SOME of the folks here are much more angry about the duplicity of our elected officialdom than others and some are angry enough that they are already imagining scenarios wherein violence has already been initiated by the tyrannical fascist government we already have and then they expound on their theoretical responses to that imagined scene.
I don't see that as "stirring up discontent". I see it as "blowing off steam" that might otherwise exhibit itself physically somewhere else.

Profit vs non-profit.

You seem to have a fixation on money and its role in everything.
You seem to be intimating that this entire organization is an attempt to "fleece" our membership. Where would such an idea come from ? The depths of YOUR mind ?
I know Mr Rhodes and I can tell you he is NOT about to "fleece" anybody he has much too much self respect to even consider it.

The fellow you quoted was only concerned with classing people by "incomes" and or their "wealth" status. More Money fixation ? It would seem so to me.

Not everyone in the world is so concerned with the almighty Buck.
Some, and I include myself in this, have pretty much given up on the "American Dream" as a tool of the tyrant used to keep people occupied with their accumulation of "wealth" instead paying attention to the fact that their chains as economic slaves are being custom made to fit each and every citizen and by him or herself.
"I want my MTV ..." Or I-pod, or TV Sports Shows, or "American Idol" et cetera ad infinitum.

Does the phrase "bread and circuses" remind you of anything ?
It should.

The money accumulated by the organization will be spent in support of the organization. To buy supplies, to buy retail goods to keep that support money flowing, to support the Oath Keepers travel expenses when necessary to events showcasing our message and mission. Et cetera.

Please do Feel free to query our Founder Mr Stewart Rhodes, Esq. at for more information. IF he decides to answer such obviously leading questions.
Oh and FYI Mr Rhodes really IS a Constitutional Scholar and Attorney at Law.
May 28, 2009 9:42 AM
end of transferred post.

CaptGooch said...

Welcome Aboard Sgt Dunn.

It is an honor to stand with you in defense of our Constitution and its Republic.

Semper Fidelis really does "say it all" doesn't it ?

For the Republic

Oath Keepers said...

Gooch, she did email me, and here was my response:

Yes, we are seeking non-profit status. that takes time. and no, donations will not be tax deductible, since there are too many strings with that status (such as a 501 c(3)). We don't want our political speech curtailed or muted, and I don't want to make it easy to persecute us by means of some IRS action.

I'm not in this for the money. I have a Yale Law degree and if all I were concerned about was making money, then I could make hundreds per hour just doing law (like my rich classmates). I am spending so much of my time doing oath keepers because I feel an obligation to do it, plain and simple. The rest of the time, I write briefs for other lawyers. I made a personal choice to NOT chase the allmighty dollar in my life.

And frankly, what donations have come in don't even come close to covering the expenses to date, with me, Dave Freeman, and Jim Ayala all giving tons of our time and also spending our of our own pockets and still in the hole after our trip to Lexington.

Why are you so cynical? Not everyone is a money grubbing con artist.

And I am not saying a revolution is nigh, either. Our position is that IF the government were to do the things listed in our declaration of orders we will not obey (such as put people in concentration camps), THEN a revolution would be nigh. Big difference.

My goal is to stop it from ever getting that bad. I'd love nothing better than to have no need for Oath Keepers and just to relax and go back to being a sculptor again, living in peace and serenity in some cabin in the mountains, or at most a small town country lawyer (I was a criminal defense and public defender lawyer in Montana for two years).

But after watching the incredible expansion in executive power that came under Bush, and watching as Obama has not rejected, rescinded, or denounced any of that claimed power, I truly feel I have no choice but to do what I can. This is not my career. This is my duty.

And I am not stirring up discontent so much as I am warning people of what is possible. If you disagree on what is possible, fine. I hope you are right and I am wrong.

Stewart Rhodes

CaptGooch said...

Thank You Stewart for your clear and concise response.
I may copy it from time to time for those "doubting outsiders" who come with their own "strawmen" seeking to "expose" us for what they think we are.
I trust I was not too far off the mark you had envisioned ?

Now back to it ....

For the Republic

Clive said...

Sgt Dunn, Stewart et-tal, have you seen this yet:

About Ending the Imperial Presidency

You probably know about already but no harm in advising.

Good luck and blessing to all Oath Keepers. From a brother Brit.

Alida Antonia Cornelius said...

You don't want to become a non-profit, because you think your free speech would be curtailed?
Vets for Peace are non-profit.
Most organizations which ask for money become non-profits.
Just because the organization has some yale law school grads affiliated with it, doesn't mean a thing.
I would donate a penny to an organization which was not a legal non-profit.
Why would you even THINK that any peace officers or military would be ordered to confiscate food and other essential supplies?
And what do you think of sheriffs who are evicting people from their homes because of the unscrupulous activities of the mortgage companies?
That's happening NOW.
My friends lost their home because of the actions of Ameriquest.
They paid their mortgage, but Ameriquest sold their loans and then said they never received their money.
Then Ameriquest, after they lost their home, offered them $900.00 to settle.
Maybe you should sign up some sheriffs for your pledge.

Stewart Rhodes said...

Alida, I already explained to you in an email that we are a not for profit org, and we are applying for non-profit status, but that donations will not be tax deductable, so we will be more free to be politically involved.

An example of that is 501(c)(4) status, where the org can advocate for and against particular legislation and candidates. Plenty of orgs do it that way. There are many different non-profit status mechanisms. Some are tax deductabe, some are not.

Tax deductable is not the same as non-profit.

So, please get it straight.

"Why would you even THINK that any peace officers or military would be ordered to confiscate food and other essential supplies?"

Because there are standing executive orders that contemplate doing just that during "emergency." And because it has been done throughout history.

And because we are not going to just stick our heads in the sand and hope it doesn't happen here.

Why are you so hostile to what we are doing? Could it be your politics, and nothing more?