Friday, May 29, 2009

Corrections Officer says include me on this list too

Hi, I'm a Corrections Officer from Middlesex county in the Democratic Socialist Peoples Republic of New Jersey. I just saw your sight on the 9-12 forum and it took about 2 seconds for me to email you. I go by the handle of Brushwolf on the 9-12 forum.

Include me in, please feel free to email me any info that you are sending out. Let me know what I can do to help you (us) out during this time of concern to our country. I just hope that you guys are for real and not just some government entity making up a list of those that might be a problem, if you are I'm probably on a couple already so might as well include me on this one too.

The Brushwolf


CaptGooch said...

Welcome Brushwolf,

It's good to have you standing with us.
Have a look around and make yourself to home.

Our mission is to Reach, Teach and Inspire.
To quote our Founder Stewart Rhodes [with short notes by me]:
" the three-pronged mission of Oath Keepers:

1. Remind them of their oath;
[This is the Reach as in Reach out]

2. Teach them more about what they swore to defend so they will be better able to see when an order violates the Constitution and the rights of the people, and is thus unlawful; [Teach]

3. Steel their resolve to take a stand and do the right thing, whatever the cost. [This is the Inspire part]

As one of our core group members put it, our mission is to "reach, teach, and inspire" all who took the oath. The testimonials are a powerful part of that effort, and the video testimonials, especially those by combat veterans, will be vital to our success. "

Spread the word among your oath taker brothers and sisters in the NJ DOC and maybe some of them will be Oath Keepers too.

For the Republic

JCB said...

As A Corrections Officer(Correctional Sergeant) for the State of Arizona I stand with all Oath Keepers and I too am probably on a list some where.