Saturday, May 16, 2009

I will stand by ready protect the United States Constitution

I gave my oath for the first time on March 10, 1964 when I volunteered to serve a 6 year hitch in the US Navy. I served in Pensacola Florida and aboard the UWSS Glover out of Newport RI.

Latter in 1969 I again gave my oath as a full time Police Officer in a city in Massachusetts. I am now retired. To this day I stand by my oath to protect the Constitution of the United States. I am also appalled to hear Mr. Obama declare the Constitution a "Flawed document, in need of repair".

To my way of thinking MR. Obama is not the Commander in Chief. I will stand by ready protect the United States Constitution and Will Never accept an order from anyone that would defy it.



bloodyspartan said...

Don't forget he also Calls the Declaration a stained document.

Brotherhood Of Eternal Love Aquarian TempleU.L.C. said...

My family came to New Haven in the 1500. Robert and Henry Akerly They founded Southampton Long Island.We are Patriots Who Will Honor The Oath come Hell Or High Water until Our Dieing breath. Over my dead body will they make my Kids their slaves without a Constitution that my family has fought For since The founding Of America.
Our local and national government worked together to knowingly weave a web of deceit, lies, and criminal
activity over a period of years that cost the tax payers
billions of
dollars, damaged their health and well being,controlled their wages and property values.
They cheated on their taxes and deprived people of their rightful voice in their own government. They
systematically and knowingly poisoned the air, water and land of the
country and the world. Subverted hospital records that
reveled tragic birth defects and deaths caused by these violations. They bribe officials, city, county, state and federal, covered up dangerous violations of the laws
that protect us from pollution. They corrupted politicians,
department heads, newspapers, television networks, movie
industry's, lawyers, doctors, military, police, and the world community for profit.
They misappropriated local, state and federal funds for their own benefit in order to continue this illegal and criminal enterprise that has us on the brink of world
Do not be deceived by the positions or titles of these
people. They are criminals whose crimes destroyed the home place of
innocent people who trusted them and were deceived,deluded
and betrayed by that trust. A pattern of greed and violation
of public trust that is shocking, sickening and a tragic
comment on the immoral abuse of power.
The Federal Reserve Bank is a private illegal corporation that prints our money and charges us interest to use our
money. Their biggest profit is War. March on the Federal Reserve Bank and take our money back with us. Size their property and assets.

Send this message. The decent people of the land will no
longer abide criminals who disguise themselves as
leaders of our community and country. This country belongs to the people and whenever they shall grow weary of their government they shall exercise their constitutional right to amend it or their revolutionary right to dismember it
or overthrow it. Now is the time for all good people to come to
the aid of our country. Get up stand up for your rights.
Freedom isn't Free. ~ DARE The TRUTH ~ WATCH, Brasscheck TV, GoldRing 2012, or ch# 27 Community TV Santa Cruzin.
Thank You,
Robert Ackerly D.D., R.A.
Sociel Services level #14 Drug, Child Abuse, Nutrition, and Group Home management counselor
Mental Health Review Board District #4 Rep
H.V.R.P Outreach
President: Aquarian Temple U.L.C.
Veterans International Production Entertainment Resources
Veterans Green Health Team
Independent Producer Community TV Santa Cruz