Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I will proudly stand with my brothers with my last breath.

I have been in the service of my Country for over 30 years. When I took the oath of service, to protect and defend my Country and the Constitution of the Republic of America.

I clearly understood that means giving my life.

I stand firm on that oath to defend our Republic against all enemies both foreign and domestic. I will proudly stand with my brothers with my last breath.

Darrell Corum


klongar3 said...

I stand with you brother come what may. I too took an oath 30 years ago and knew it might require my life to uphold it. That Joy in service never left me. I will sell my life dearly should it come to that. I pray it does not. I do hope bold words and large numbers make the politicos consider their course carefully. Pray that reason returns to DC soon!

Anonymous said...

I think that the oath keepers go a bit too far in not recognizing the role of the Supreme Court in interpreting the Constitution. President Eisenhower ordered federal troops into Lilttle Rock to remove resistance to a ruling of the Supreme Court that ordered school integration. I think he was right in doing so. On that occasion, he said the following:

"I hold to the basic purpose", he began, "There must be respect for the Constitution - which means the Supreme Court's interpretation of the Constitution - or we shall have chaos. We cannot imagine a successful form of government in which every individual citizen would have the right to interpret the Constitution according to his own beliefs, convictions and prejudices. Chaos would develop. I believe this with all my heard and shall always act accordingly."

So Eisenhower ordered the troops into Little Rock, even though he was not convinced of the need for school integration. The Oathkeepers though, emphasize that everyone should interpret the Constitution for themselves and I think that is a serious mistake. Stewart Rhodes who started Oathkeepers does not even agree that the Supreme Court should have the final say in interpreting the Constitution. I cannot agree with that line of reasoning.