Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Active Duty Federal Agent and Marine Veteran

As a Federal Law Enforcement Officer, I can tell you that many of us know why we are doing this job. We understand what our purpose is. We know it's not to, "Blindly follow those that our Destroying our Country!" I wish I could say that was true of all, but that's o.k., for those are usually the ones lacking discipline, moral values, and the like. They are politically minded and will be easily enough to spot. Do not Fear!!!

As a US Marine and as a Federal Agent, I have taken the oath more than a few times. Each and every time has been more memorable than the first. I swore to support and defend the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic.
For a long while now I have been thinking that this country is on the decline from the once great nation it was. I can't stand bye and just let this happen.

I swore an oath to do what is right, and with that, I will not do what is wrong.

That is my Oath!

Eric Knight

“Tolerance is the last Virtue of a Dying Society"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your service and for stepping up now.

Anonymous said...


Federal Agents, Attorneys, judges, police officers and the like are all required to take an oath right? I would like to read what their oaths are, could you assist in helping me find that? Thanks