Sunday, April 19, 2009

USAF,USN and National Park Service, Federal Law Enforcement

Took my first Oath March 01, 1963. USAF. Second Oath August 17,1967. USN. Third Oath May 15, 1975. National Park Service, Federal Law Enforcement. None of the three had a termination date.

I'm "standing by" for further, lawful orders Sir. Prepared to serve with inertial navigation, naval intelligence and LEO experience.

Ken Burns


CaptGooch said...

Welcome Ken.

We are glad to see that the understanding of the Oath is not completely lost to Federal employees.
We are Proud to have you with us in this endeavor.
Reach, Teach and Inspire is the next step.

Welcome aboard.

Anonymous said...

I met Ken at his wonderful place of employment a couple of weeks ago and he did exactly that- Reach me, Taught Me , and Inspired me. We'll said CaptGooch. I too have taken this oath on a couple of different occasions and I am with you all.............