Sunday, April 19, 2009


After looking your site over, it dawned on me once again, that American citizens are duty bound. We are all members of the militia, except for those too young or too old, and certain public servants who are exempt. I refer to the men of our country, but past and recent history would also likely include many valorous women as well. I am not active military or a veteran. I am not law enforcement either. I am a medically retired Social Services Case Manager and I was a Special Investigator who dealt only in cases of serious injury or deaths in children. As such, I was considered pseudo Law Enforcement. I investigated allegations of neglect and maltreatment (abuse) concerning this nation's children. They are the one's who are most vulnerable. I worked very closely with many LE agencies on a daily basis. I have never formally taken the oath, but it is burned into my heart and very being because I am an AMERICAN. My children have been reared on the Constitution and God's Word. They were all home-schooled, and this was their daily curriculum. They have been taught how to work and how to fight. They were taught that some things are worth dying for, and some things are worth killing for. I have taken this oath before God, and I too, stand ready to do battle alongside the brave members of oath keepers.

Give me, my children and grand children liberty, or give me death!

May God bless this outfit, and may He bless the USA.


Madame of Ravens Wings said...

Bless all of you....
My father served with the Big Red One....
I have shared your site on all my networks!

Den Relojo said...

Give me, my children and grand children liberty, or give me death!

That quote will always have a reverberating voice that will echoe beyond the American land.

Stewart Rhodes said...

Mr. Relojo,

You hit the nail on the head. It is a timeless truth. As Robert A. Heinlein said:

"The price of freedom is the willingness to do sudden battle, anywhere, anytime, and with utter recklessness."

Like you, all I do, I do for my kids, so that they may inherit a free country. And if anyone is to be tested, if any generation is to have to stand against oppression and tyranny, let it be our generation, let it be us, not our kids.

Welcome brother.

Stewart Rhodes

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the welcome! I too, pray that my generation will do what it takes to right this nation. I too, pray that this monumental task will not fall on my children's shoulders.

Unknown said...

The above post is one of the most inspirational, encouraging, and uplifting thing I have ever read from an average American.

Thank you so much for that.

Anonymous said...

You are welcome. I hope many other Americans feel the same as we do.

Frank O'Neal
I am an American