Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sheriff Richard Mack Gives His Testimonial

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It was 1983, a beautiful fall day, early in the evening evening. I was sitting in my patrol cruiser facing North just a short 50 feet or so from a four-way stop intersection at 600 W 300 S. I was making a few notes on my daily activity report when a lady ran the stop sign going Eastbound. She was very occupied with four or five kids who seemed to be giving her fits. She seemingly did not realize she had gone through the sign and did not do so intentionally. She looked over at me and threw her arms up in the air as if to say, "what else could go wrong today?"

She immediately pulled over. I didn't even have to turn on my red and blues. I walked up to her car, a beat up old Datsun compact station wagon, and she already had her license and registration handed out the driver's window. It was way obvious this lady was having a bad day and I was certainly not making it any better. Her kids were still fighting and crying and being quite unruly. It didn't matter anymore. She was shutting them out completely and was simply staring through the windshield wondering why she had ever been born, or so it seemed. I started right in with my work. This ticket was going to be easy; heck she wasn't even putting up a fight. She never uttered a word.
I was just about about to sign my name to the citation when I paused momentarily. I looked down at this cruddy old car, it couldn't have been worth $400, I looked down at those snotty nosed kids still screaming, I looked at this discouraged and depressed woman... and then I looked at me!

It was the most penetrating gaze I had ever
experienced in my life! I asked myself a few questions, "Mack, is there anything that you are doing here that's helping this lady and her family? Is there anything that you're doing that's making this a better town to live in? And is there anything that you are that's bringing honor to the badge that's pinned to your chest?"
I knew the answers all
too well, and now I was discouraged. In fact, I was completely overcome by shame and guilt. So much so that I handed the lady her license and registration and just walked away. I mean I said absolutely nothing to her. I couldn't have taken it if she had thanked me for anything! So I got back in my patrol car and drove lethargically back to the police station where I tore that ticket into a thousand pieces and threw them in the briefing room trash can, something that was clearly against policy.

The next day I came back to work early and headed right to the city clerk's office. I honestly had no idea what was directing me to her office or what I was looking for. Yet, I asked the clerk for a copy of my oath of office. I really don't know why, I had never given my oath a second thought. She made me a copy and I saw that I had signed it and it was dated the day I started my job as a Police Officer. "I, Richard Mack, do solemnly swear or affirm, that I will faithfully protect, defend, and obey the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Utah..."
These words began to ring in my mind
and now I was more depressed than I was the day before when I had my epiphany with the lady and her kids. Man, what a no good hypocrite I was! I had never even read the Constitution. I took an oath I never had any concern whatsoever about keeping!
I signed
that oath to get a job and a paycheck. It meant nothing more to me than that. I reached my hand up to my chest and touched the silver starred badge which hung on my shirt. I knew that I had to turn it in and quit my job. There was no way I could keep my job and career as a peace officer. Then I stopped and realized that I did not need to quit my job, just quit being a liar and a hypocrite. I felt so relieved! I did not have to quit my job!

Right after briefing I drove home and grabbed the World Book Encyclopedia and took it with me on patrol. I read the Constitution every second I was not busy with anything else. I loved it, especially the Bill Of Rights. It was amazing and easy to understand. I promised myself that I would never violate the principles in this document of American Liberty, that I would always keep my sacred oath to uphold, defend, and preserve the United States Constitution, and that no matter what it cost me, that I WOULD NEVER BE ON THE WRONG SIDE AGAIN!


uhlijohn said...

God bless you, Richard! You are living proof that there are good men in uniform. Too many of us lump all peace officers - as enforcers of the ever-encroaching police state - into the same barrell of "bad apples" that we know exist in all departments and government offices. Law enforcement officers are the faces of the ruling elite that want us all dead or enslaved so they take the heat for what their bosses are doing to us.

Sam said...

Thank you Richard Mack, Oath Keeper!

CaptGooch said...

Welcome aboard Sheriff.

We are Proud to have you join us.

J D Shirley said...

Amen Sheriff Mack!! I've always said you can give a monkey a ticket book and have him write tickets to every violator they see. If takes a man dedicated to the spirit of the law to wisely use discretion.

While a patrolman I always used the yardstick when doing traffic of not whether I had the "authority" to write the ticket, but whether the person who violated the traffic law "needed" the ticket...

Glad to have you here...

Barbara L said...

I read your testimony and got weepy. Yeah, I'm just a woman. Unlike those guys up there, I can do that. But I bet one or two might've gotten a tad misty.

A few years ago I was talking to a woman on line and I was going to send her a few URL's to sites that would be considered "unpatriotic". She refused them. When I asked her why, she was afraid because she was a single mother and did not want to lose her baby in case her viewing data was checked into.

She also told me that until she removed an anti Busch sticker from the back of her car, she was pulled over routinely for nothing and put through the wringer. The harassment stopped as soon as she scraped the offending paper off her bumper.

I remember being appalled that a person had to consider such things! Then I began to hear more stories as that criminal Patriot Act started to be enforced.

Richard, I don't think you know how healing it was to read your words. I have been, for years, trying to get the word out to Americans about what has been happening to their wonderful country.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Fine men like yourself, and our other brothers here at Oath-Keepers are the thin thread that will make all the difference in preserving our Republic, and Freedom for American generations to come.

It is really not a matter of aggression on the part of Americans wishing to preserve thier heritage. People interested in the preservasion of Law and Justice, and the ideals of the founders of our great nation.

History show's Tyrants always attempt to silence men of Honor and Ideals. Followed by imprisonment and excution.

Judging from history the fight will come to us, regardless of our efforts to avoid it.

Unless all men of Honor stand and uphold thier Oaths to The Constitution, The Bill of Rights and the American people!

Anything short of that is a slap in the face of all who have fallen in defense of these United States of America.

Stand your ground gentlemen, your time in history has arrived.

You are a fine example of American manhood Mack. I have often heard you speak truth to power over the airwaves. Often seemingly taking my own thoughts and feelings out of thin air. Indeed, you speak for me, right from my own heart. I'm trully honored to be in the ranks of men such as yourself, Ron Paul, Alex Jones, and many others fighting to preserve this nation through education and activism.

Thank You Sir!

Opus #6 said...

Thank you for writing this.

km said...

Sheriff Mack,

You are indeed a Patriot Sir!

Your testimony reminded me of a not-to-long-ago conversation which I had w/ a guy on my squad. We were discussing the fact that "most" good intentioned soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, and police officers, have only a rough understanding of the Constitution which they took an oath to protect and defend and that a good many probably have never taken the occasion to read the Constitution and Bill of Rights through and through. I've been doing my best to encourage my peers to study the same, as well as, the writings of the founders and their contemporaries.

Again sir, men such as yourself, Ron Paul, Mr. Rhodes, Dave Freeman, as well as, many others on this site, are definitely the vanguard of today's Patriot Constitutional movement and I honor your service!

TheMouse said...

I'm wondering how long it will be until constitutionalists will need to gather together to form their own community / county and even state, wherein we can live constitutionally and without the imposition of the gods in Washington, DC. Should we all move to Montana ? Oklahoma ? Texas ? Tenn ? Got other options ?

Bud Parker said...

I'd ask you to run for office, but Congress seems to have a way of ruining good men and women in short order. If Congress has any patriots, why don't they disavow the dishonest Members and force them out?

Stand fast Sheriff Mack. I've got your 6.

1SG Bud Parker
US Army