Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Series of Special Events for this Oath Keeper

Fellow OathKeepers,

God bless you and yours in your endeavors to uphold your sacred oath to our beloved Constitution!

I too, took that same oath in 1977 and have yet to be discharged from it. It is so very uplifting to have finally found a place with so many like minded individuals as myself. For some 25 years I have felt alone with the exception of my immediate family and a FEW friends. It is so nice to have finally found a "home".

It is very saddening to find our once great nation in the state which we now find it. I have dreaded this day for at least 25 years now. I can still recall the emotions roused within the deepest core of my being when I raised my hand and took my oath. There have been very few moments in life when there arose such a stirring of my soul; when my first child was born and we brought him home... the very first time late at night that I looked down upon him sleeping in his crib at my young age of 23, the first time my second son cooed at me at the age of 41, the day I was awarded the coveted Eagle Scout award with my grandfather (an old Scoutmaster and WWII Navy vet) and entire extended family in attendance, and the moment my wife and I made our lifetime oath to each other. One finds oneself stirred from time to time during the course of a lifetime. It doesn't happen often, at least not with me. Perhaps the only other time that has so deeply moved me was when I found out that the aforementioned eldest child was to receive the NAM for "heroic achievement in battle".

We are a small family, only about 650 households world-wide carry our surname, but this same family has served our nation from Brandywine to Baghdad and I pray to the Host of Heaven that this remains so.


Iam McFedup


Anonymous said...

Wow! I ran across your blog and am so humbled that there are so many brave and dedicated people committed to such a courageous stance. God bless and keep you all! God save the United States Constitution and its nation!

Anonymous said...

If you are so endeared to your family name, Mr. Iam McFedup, why don't you use your real name, coward?

Why not come up with some alternative solutions, rather than putting down those who are doing their best?

I'm sure you attended a tea-bagging party in your neighborhood, correct?

Stewart Rhodes said...

That's funny anon - you call him a coward while sniping anonymously. And the "tea-bagging" line is really lame and childish, like something out of a Beavis and Butthead cartoon.

And how is he putting down "those doing their best?" Who, the banksters on Wall Street and their puppets of both parties in DC? Doing their best at what, destroying our nation and leaving our children in indentured servitude and debt, under a national government that claims total power over their lives?

As he said, the current state of our nation is something that has taken decades (25 years, at least). Both Democrats and Republicans have sold us down the river, violating the Constitution and the trust of the people at ever turn.

Get over the left/right paradigm and look at the big picture.

TheMouse said...

re: Anon's comments ... his use of the word "tea-bagging" tells me something of his character ( or lack there-of ).

I praise God for all those Oath Keepers who are more honorable and who have more integrity than to use such vulgarities and encourage them to stay the course.