Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Above is the proposed Oath Keepers insignia/patch design as worked up by the exceptional insignia artist Paul Jacobsen, of Tactical Graphic Design, who has so graciously stepped up an VOLUNTEERED his service in helping us design our insignia. Paul is an Oath Keeper and a man of deep commitment to liberty. We will be posting his own testimonial shortly.

Read our below description of what and why, and then please give us your thoughts and constructive criticism. We have put a great deal of thought into this, but nothing is set in stone and we want to hear your thoughts.


Note, the insignia/patch will only have one "Oath Keeper" tab above the main patch (just as you would wear an Airborne, Ranger, or SF tab), but Paul has included a slightly different tab design down below the patch for you to compare the two different tab styles.

We wanted to have an Oath Keeper tab as part of our insignia so anyone could easily add an "Oath Keeper" tab to whatever other insignia or "colors" are used, just like soldiers add a "Ranger" or "Airborne" tab to their uniforms above their normal unit patch. Just imagine giving current serving troops Oath Keeper tabs all set with velcro on the back, ready to just slap on. Won't that be fun? And you can add one to your jackets, uniforms, or any other gear.

And we think it best to keep it singular, since it is a personal declaration to all the world that the one wearing that tab is an Oath Keeper.

I (Stewart) am partial to the darker tab, but let us know what you think.



That is Latin for "Guardians of the Republic" and in formal Latin, a "V" is used in place of a "U." We had this checked out with several Latin scholars, including professors, so we are certain it is accurate. That is what we Oath Keepers are - guardians of the Republic of the Founders.
English version of "Guardians of the Republic"


After several requests for a version with "Guardians of the Republic" in plain English, we have posted the above version for you consideration. And, with the bold tab.


And here we are with the contoured tab (meant to match up closely with the patch) and with the more traditional "Ranger" style tab. A more traditional shaped tab is handy since personnel can just slap it in place right along with other tabs and insignia (or in place of another tab they usually wear) and it is more "official" looking.

So, we could go with the more traditional shaped tab, and scrap the contoured tab, or go with the contoured tab, but with the traditional tab as an option (so you could order either one, or both).

What do you guys think? We will most certainly offer the traditional shaped "Ranger" style tab no matter what, since it is such a great idea to give troops something that fits right in with their other tabs and insignia (and we expect that many will buy just the tab, or get it as a gift). So, the only real question is whether we want to also use the contoured tab.


One member had the idea of having a lower rocker (curving upward?) for an optional state designation. I (Stewart) think that would be pretty neat, frankly, as an option for those who want it. Or, you could have other kinds of lower rocker tabs, whether for a particular group, service branch, specialty, leadership position, etc - you name it. It could be a personal choice to put one on with whatever additional designation you wanted. Up to you!

Let us know what you think.


We decided to go with the Lexington Minute Man statue rather than the more commonly used Concord memorial minuteman (as used on the National Guard insignia, and by Appleseed and others). We did this for several reasons:

1. We Oath Keepers will be mustering, gathering for the very first time, on Lexington Green, Mass., on April 19, 2009, and since that will be our first public gathering, and since we will be reading aloud or declaration of orders we will not obey, and publicly reaffirming our oaths right there on Lexington Green, it seems fitting to honor that occasion by having our patch reflect the Lexington statue, which was modeled after Captain Parker.

2. Lexington is the site of the first shots of the Revolution, where the militia first stood in defiance of orders to disarm, and where they first suffered casualties and first fired back.

3. We would like our insignia to be a bit different than others.

4. The minuteman, of whichever statue, is a symbol of the American spirit, of defiance to tyranny, and the ideal of the citizen soldier. And by evoking the minutemen who stood so long ago, we connect with the Founding Generation and with all the brave men and women who have stood in the breach since. Now it is our turn to stand, following their footsteps, filling their shoes, taking our place in the long line of guardians of the Republic. We will stand at Lexington, where they stood, and we will commit ourselves to preserving what they fought, bled, and died for. We cannot think of a more fitting symbol.

The "10"

The "10" stands for our Declaration of Ten Orders We Will NOT Obey and a forthcoming declaration of Ten Affirmations of What We Defend. Our publication of that declaration of ten orders we will not obey was our first public shot across the bow - the first throwing down of the gauntlet - and we will do that again, in person, on Lexington Green on April 19, when we read that declaration aloud, and pledge to each other our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. It will be a very public throwning down of the gauntlet, to let "them" know it aint' going to go down like "they" think it is.


That is our motto. We usually add in an exclamation point, as in "Not on Our Watch!' but you tell us what you prefer.

We will likely fly this insignia/patch at Lexington, and that is what will likely be on any T-shirts we make up to commemorate the occasion (with the summary of the ten orders on the back).

But please, please do give us your thoughts on any desired changes or ideas for improvement.

We want this insignia/patch to be something you are proud to wear, and proud to fly, and proud to passs on to your sons and daughters.


We are wide open to suggestions for colors on the full color insignia. So, please let us know what you think would be best. Eventually, we will have both full color and subdued versions for BDU/ACU, etc.

For April 19, we will probably just be flying black and white, and subdued BDU/ACU if anyone can work up tabs or patches that fast.


It would be wonderful to have tabs and even patches for the Lexington muster!


Earl said...

I think it is a great patch. I too am partial to the darker tab. I would really like it to stand out no matter what I wear it on. I want people asking questions about it.

Stewart Rhodes said...

Thanks Earl! I agree - it should be striking, just like the Ranger tab is striking.

We can get fancier with the main patch, color wise, but that tab has to be strong.

I can see motorcycle club jackets with a big, bold "Oath Keeper" tab on them. And the same for T-Shirts and bumper stickers.

What about the main patch? What kind of colors do you like, for the patch or the tab?


Earl said...

LOL. I am still in love with the Red, White and Blue so I am always partial to those colors Stewart. My main concern is to learn what each of the details represents so we can pass it down to our children and grandchildren. I want to be able to tell them why we wear the patch and why it is important for every one to be involved.

Dave said...

The silhouette of Capt. Parker is vastly superior to our original idea and differentiates us from the NG patch - WELL DONE! How about the Roman numeral representing 10 to compliment the CVSTODES REI PVBLICAE or maybe 2X when we combine the addional 10 affirmations? I agree with you on the design of the bottom "Not on our Watch" rocker as a separate Tab, but I would like to keep the above design - Capt. Parker with the rocker above all together. A combination of the colors: Gold and Silver representing the currency we used to rely on for a sound economy is still my first choice.

The opportunity to stand with our brothers & sisters on Lexington Green on April 19, 2009 moves me beyond words! God bless and strengthen Oath Keepers everywhere as they STAND THEIR GROUND!

jon said...

i like the darker tab right where it is and how it is! the square corners and the different curve radius stand out from the rest of the patch, making it more interesting.

as for using punctuation on a symbol, i don't think it's a good idea. stick to just the lettering.

i'm not a big fan of the five-point star. it has been used and abused throughout history to imply so many different things -- even empire and communism.

unfortunately my opinion on that means jack, because i don't have any better ideas. isn't there a pinwheel, or a knot, or something, left untainted?

Anonymous said...

I believe the design is great! I am anxious to not only wear this patch, but also to have a large print made, along with the website, and placed on the back window of my vehicle. Drivers will definitely notice it and hopefully visit to see what Oath-Keepers is all about. As far as the black and white, I am not sure. I prefer darker prints, but in a way that still allows the images to stand out. A color version; I am partial to the Red, White, and Blue. Regardless, I am looking forward to a final version.

-Edwin McKinney, Vet, U.S. Army

Anonymous said...

I like the darker Oath Keepers patch.

Why Latin? Just curious.

I vote NO to the exclamation point: "not on our watch" is a statement of fact. An exclamation point sometimes says "ok, I mean it" and actually undermines the declaration. Don't need it.

On colors, I don't know... Red, white and blue makes a statement. I love the idea of gold and silver but those aren't very visible colors nor are they easy to reproduce accurately: they will look dark yellow and gray. Perhaps if a third color like Red were added to make it stand out.

This makes me want to join law enforcement so I can wear one. Heck, I'll wear one anyway!

Thank you. This is one of my very favorite causes, groups, whatever it is! My biggest fear is that our police force, our military, will turn against us ordinary citizens... that they will become today's truck drivers, rounding us up for the good of the state. Particularly us dissenters, civil as we may be.

The recent TSA incident in St. Louis (http://tinyurl.com/dfgzro - be sure to listen to the video) is evidence that we are not just paranoid! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I like the upper tab better and I'll take a dozen each, subdued and colored. Colors should naturally be red, white and blue (kinda like 173rd)

JAG06 said...

Great patch - very well thought out. For colors on the patch, you can't go wrong with red, white, and blue. Maybe the "10" (or Roman numeral "X") could be in gold, to symbolize that the OKers' Declaration of Ten Orders is something precious and permanent. I'd add the exclamation point to the motto for emphasis. +1 for the white on black tab.

Bravo Zulu!

Chris D. said...

Very well done. I like the 10. I think it's a good conversation starter.

Is there a tattoo shop in Lexington?

RWE-III said...

No exclamation point....dark tab...Lexington Minuteman is perfect!

Anonymous said...

Anybody from S Florida going to Lexington??? Unemployed Vet needs ride!

Southern Patriot said...

I like it. I too like the darker tab. I look forward to wearing the final product. If you are able to make car decals I will put one on my car as well.
USAF Active duty

CaptGooch said...

Wow ! I like it a lot.

I want five of each color of subdued.
[OD & DT]

On the tab [rocker] I would think the darker one is more "unusual" and would separate the visual image from any other similar patch.
Red, White and Blue is good but my personal preference is to the subdued colors.
Personally I would be satisfied with subdued colors only. [Subdued in desert tan and subdued in olive drab would be my choices.]

As to the star on the borders .... I like it. I Was thinking of the "square knot" ["squared away", "square and level", "fair and square"?] in place of the star. (?)
BUT ....
There is also the possibility of moving the "10" to the border in place of the stars or knots ? ?

Capt Parker is an Excellent choice and I would definitely leave that as is.

Latin is "neat" BUT how about plain old American English ?
Guarding the Republic
It is our language and it is easily understood by all without even a question being asked.

What about Guarding the Republic arced over the top and Sworn by Oath OR Oath Sworn arced across the bottom. (?) with Not On Our Watch as a second tab [rocker] or as is with Oath Sworn as the second tab to indicate actual membership ?

Well Done Stewart and Paul I like it very much.

Sign me up for the five of each of the subdued colors. [OD & DT]

Now we'll need a Challenge Coin soon I suspect .... Big Grin

CorbinKale said...

Everything looks good, except for one thing.
I won't wear words in a language I don't speak.

Latin may be cool in the patch industry, but it never fails, 10 months after the patch is adopted, some 'expert' will come forward and point out that something is spelled wrong, or the grammar is incorrect.

Plain English will do nicely.

O.K. said...

Gentlemen, excellent comments! Keep em coming. I'll ask Paul to work up a sample using plain ol English. There's something to be said for mystique, but also something to be said for clarity.

Funny, SEAL Capt. Larry Bailey also voted NO on latin, suggesting it is best to keep it clear.

So, we'll give that a go too, and you all can compare.

As for colors, red, white, and blue seems to be the favorite. So, something like the 82nd Patch? Blue ring, white letters, Red oval, and blue minuteman?

We are in no rush for settling on colors, and unless there is a hands down clear winner on that, we may wait till after the Lexington Rally, so those who actually attend there can make their thoughts known.

Southern Patriot said...

I think plain English instead of latin has a strong point. Either way I like it. But there is a strong point for clear plain language that can be easily understood at a glance and recognized. It may well get more attention from people who at a glance can read and understand the message.
USAF Active Duty

Anonymous said...

My $0.02:

Great patch, red white and blue for colors, and the darker tab. (Like CaptGooch above, I'd be happy with OD subdued.) To blend a couple of ideas above, instead of stars, maybe a Roman numeral X on each side? One side for the Orders not to be obeyed, the other for the Principles sworn to defend? As much as I like the Latin, it'd probably be mistaken as meaning "Not on our watch", so it should be in English, without exclamation point, imho.

BTW Mr Rhodes: I forgot to post it with my comment on the 10 Orders page, but thanks for starting this up....I'd damn near convinced myself I was nuts for interpreting the Oath as I do!

-TS Blackwell
ex-CPL Cav Scout

doubletrouble said...

Looks good.

My votes:
"X" instead of "10"
Red, white, & blue for colors
M Man figure is perfect.

See you in Lexington...

P. Gwaltney said...

I vote for English too. Otherwise, when do they go on sale??

P. Gwaltney,
USN vet

Anonymous said...

I'd like to suggest a large version (maybe 12"x6") that could be used as a jacket "back patch" A bottom rocker could show either the members branch of service or home state.

Brushwolf said...

Over all I like the design, But I would prefer to see the 10's or X's placed on the border instead of the stars and in red.
I like the latin, I think that it will get people to ask questions.
No on the ! mark.
A black rocker with lettering to match the background of the patch.
And I may be getting ahead of myself but when can we get this as a challenge coin.

Anonymous said...

No exclamation point...Red, white and blue...dark tab...lose the stars.

I like the patch and would proudly wear it as is, but I'd prefer to see it round instead of oval.

Latin is traditional in military heraldry, as are Roman numerals, but anything works for me.

Anonymous said...

I will proudly wear the patch, just order a lot of them, as these will go FAST! Semper Fi, devildog. A proud member of Vietnam Dog Handler Association.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Stewart and Paul. This is as much fun as that first 'liberty' at boot camp.

I'm a English only guy, but will proudly wear whatever you come up with. Prefer red white and blue.

Sign me up for a patch, bumper sticker, t-shirt and baseball cap.

Ken Burns
Nam Vet

Mrs.R. said...

I feel kind of sad because I can't be a part of the Oath Keepers or wear such a magnificent badge. I am the daughter of an Army officer, wife and brother of former Marines, but only a dependent. I WANT A BADGE TOO...maybe a Oath Keeper SUPPORTER badge...like a Betsy Ross type.
Anyway, God bless you.

CorbinKale said...

Mrs. R,

If you take the Oath, you are just as legitimate an Oath keeper as the most decorated war hero. You don't have to be in any uniformed service. Love of your nation and Constitution are all that is required.

Mark said...

Great idea! Would make a great sticker as well.

Dave Freeman said...

Mrs. R,

Admiration and protection of patriotic American women such as your self, is one of the main reasons for our conception, confederation and existence. Be assured: we would walk through fire to protect you all; always know that you are invaluable to us.

I my eyes, your credentials are impeccable; you've already earned several BADGES. As we configure and design insignias, patches, badges, coins, etc. I will personally see to it that your concerns are addressed.

CaptGooch said...

Mrs R,

Let me echo the words of CorbinKale.
[well said Sir.]

And ...
If you were to gather a group of people who are Serious in their desire to "support and defend the Constitution" and get together in a public place on the 19th [the local Veterans Memorial Park or Public Park with a Flag flying would be Ideal.] and all swear your Oath together [On a Sacred Book or on Your Sacred Honors]then You all Are Oath Keepers.
Note:{Providing you are aware that you MAY have to Keep that Oath all the way up to and Including the possibility of having to kill or die for that Oath. This IS the level at which an Oath Keeper is sworn to Keep His/Her Oath as either an Officer or Enlisted member of our Armed Services and also of our Peace Officers.}
The Generic Oath would be worded something like this:
"I, {name}, do [solemnly swear]#1 [solemnly affirm]#2 that I will faithfully support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies both foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservations;[So help me God.]#1 [Upon My Sacred Honor.]

The "Oath" above is just a Suggestion but does cover all of the major points of the Military Oath of Service.

Even If you don't decide to actually become an Oath Keeper yourself you are more than welcome to attend and support any Oath Keeper event you wish.
We are Inclusive not exclusive.

Thank You for the Blessings and Be Blessed yourself,


"Not on Our Watch"

Anonymous said...

When are the Oath Keepers "business cards" coming out? There have been so many times in the last few weeks that I came across a peace officer or military personel and I wish I had an Oath Keepers card to hand them as an icebreaker to talk about it.
You should also make up an "Oath Keepers Packet" that includes cards, patch(es), literature, bumper stickers, etc. that any $100+ DONOR gets for their donation. What do you think?

Michael McCarty - USMC - Oklahoma said...

1. Since the '10' is two fold, I suggest each star on the perimeter be replaced with the roman numeral 'X' and the '10' be removed from the center area.
2. I suggest a tab be available to designate a branch of military service.

Mayberry said...

I love it! Let me know when/where I can get mine....

Anonymous said...

I like the patch, I like red/wht/blu with a gold "10", nad I like the darker OK tab. For the full color patch, will the OK tab still be black, or color as well? I think blk w/ white letters pops out.

I agree - challenge coins are a must. The pacth on one side, the 10 principles on the other?

One other thing - can we get the OK tab as an enamel lapel pin, as well? I'm a Chicago Police Officer, and I want to wear the tab on my leather mic strap. I've no place to put a patch on my LE uni.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a red/white/blue patch. I too would like everything in English without the punctuation. However I do like the stars on the patch. I was not in the military but I was a commissioned police officer for 15 years and I continue on as court bailiff/security today. I took the oath then and I gladly uphold it today. I am a strict Constitutionalist and will defend that document and its spirit to the death. We females are also warriors.

Chivelry@aol.com said...

I think the black on white is appropriate and striking.The total english is great! It will match up perfectly with my Culpepper Minuteman Patch which is of the same design. My compliments to the designer.

Pegasus said...

Standing behind the Patriot pictured,I see our flag standing Tall being held by a Mother with babe in arms.
Oath Keepers across the top,and "Not on my watch" along to bottom.
The very sight of the Patriot standing in front of the Mothter and Child will pull the "Heart Strings" of millions of Patriots.
Of course the Flag will be in bright Red,White,and Blue..the colors that do not run :)
Jerry Alexander
1st Inf Div..1st/16th Inf 1967/68..the NAM

CaptGooch said...

Thanks Pegasus,

I will make sure that your suggestion gets forwarded to the "design group" [rolls eyes] such as it is ....

I like it .... But the main image of an Oath Keeper [To ME personally] is an individual standing his/her ground on his/her Honor/Word of Honor.
There are and can be MANY reasons for taking that Oath but the Keeping of it is all about personal Honor.

{Here again this is My personal opinion and should NOT be construed as an Official Position of Oath Keepers the Org.}

BTW .... Have you given thought to posting a testimonial for your service ? [send to oathkeepersok@gmail.com]
And Thank You for your Service.

For the Republic