Sunday, April 19, 2009

Never, Ever Surrender

Dennis Patrick Cimino
Oathkeeper, U.S. Navy, 1973-1979, honorably discharged Vietnam era veteran.

I will indeed stand by; "NOT ON OUR WATCH", or in this case; "NOT ON MY WATCH.."

"there will come a day in the near future when all of us who are signatories to this renewed, reaffirmed OATH, will have to once again be called upon to put ourselves into harm's way for the survival of the U.S. Constitution, and the Geneva Conventions, and RULE OF LAW."

I will never, ever give in to the pressure to do otherwise and abandon these principles.

We must never, ever surrender.


CaptGooch said...

Welcome aboard sailor and Brother OathKeeper.

It is now our turn [we older veterans, I was USN '66 to '69] to Reach out to the younger Active Duty Military, Reserves and Peace Officers to Teach and Inspire.
Let us Teach them what the school systems and military training systems have not.
That we are Sworn to protect the Constitution Not a President or particular group of people over the general populous.
It is our turn to Inspire them to Know their Oath for what it is ... a Life Long Obligation to support and defend the Constitution and thereby our beloved Country and Her People.

Therefore, let us "turn-to", all of us, to Reach, Teach and Inspire.

Not On Our Watch

Amanda said...

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